This New Sun-Inspired Luxury Perfume Is Getting Me Through Gray Fall Days

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The Harmonist Sun Force Review: scent, price, and notes.
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Currently, the bulk of my perfume collection is organized on top of my dresser, tucked into a thrifted wooden tray and arranged by size and shape. The only stray is The Harmonist Sun Force — which is sitting on my desk next to my computer, where I can glance over at the glossy and golden bottle whenever I please. Which is pretty often, as the weather begins to get grayer and grayer.

An October release from the up-and-coming fragrance brand, Sun Force is inspired by none other than the sun, serving as the counterpoint to the previously released Moon Glory perfume and the second Prequel Collection launch. Both fragrances retail for a cool $336, a fairly standard price for the luxury brand. (For context, you can find The Harmonist on its own website, as well as at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.)

A lot goes into each beautiful — and limited-edition — bottle. To start, the design comes courtesy of entrepreneur and tattoo artist Dr. Woo; that's why you might instantly recognize the delicate sun illustration on the front of the rounded bottle. Of course, there is the scent, too: Sun Force was created by Guillaume Flavigny, and reveals the perfumer's expertise with the very first sniff.

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Technically, Sun Force's top notes are Hawaiian pomelo, Iranian saffron, and Bulgarian rose. All of these come through — the rose is lovely — but for me, the initial spritz just felt bright and deep, not too feminine or masculine. My personal favorite notes are revealed after Sun Force settles into your skin; the heart is a sweet and earthy mix of Laotian honey, Guatemalan cardamom, and Somalian incense, the latter of which keeps the mix from pulling too gourmand.

Sun Force finishes with an equally deep base: Laotian benzoin, Haitian vetiver, and Australian sandalwood. The sweetness and brightness is still there, balanced out by the rest of the blend. And that's what you'll notice, if you do happen to pick up a perfume from The Harmonist — everything is about balance, each note fading into one another, nothing sticking out of place.

You also might end up keeping that bottle out on display, too. Ahead, the new Sun Force fragrance, available at TheHarmonist.com.

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