12 Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trends To Try This Fall


Let's face it: There's less beauty inspiration at our disposal these days than in years past. Red carpet season has been relegated to Zoom broadcasts, fashion month is virtual, and even paparazzi shots are at a premium. That's why fall 2020's popular hair color trends are feeling more like a case of déjà vu — in the best way possible.

"I think fall will prove to be more of refresh than a statement when it comes to hair color trends," Michelle Cleveland, celebrity colorist and Wella Hair ambassador, tells TZR. "I'm sure we will see all our favorite shades and statement pieces amped up a bit but I don't predict you will see anything completely different."

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And while we may in fact be seeing more of the same, the colors will have a hint of added impact. "This fall, I anticipate low maintenance color trends. Rooted looks will be embraced more than ever," Nick Stenson, artistic director for MATRIX, adds. "We’re also going to see natural curls and texture being highlighted and accentuated with bolder and brighter color."

But with temperatures dropping, it's more important now more than ever to properly care for color-processed curls. "The main goal with coloring any texture is to preserve and protect the integrity of the hair," Katiria Martin, texture and color expert at Hair Rules in New York City, tells TZR. "With curly hair, you need a little more care to ensure that you won't lose the curl pattern. There shouldn't be over processing. Less is always more." Another common curl mistake made by colorists is not creating enough dimension, Martin says. "When a professional colors curly hair, I find they put too many tiny highlights and it kinda gets lost in the texture," she says. "This overpowers the contrast. Highlights should be wider and in less sections."

So if you're ready to make your move back into the salon, check out the hair colors that will turn heads this fall, but are incredibly low-maintenance.

Fall Hair Color Trends 2020: Blondes

Gold Blondes, Los Angeles

"I have been appreciating gold blondes more than ever," Sierra Kener, colorist at Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles says. "It has that warm, expensive appearance I can't get enough of. This color can change someone's entire look and make their eyes pop."

Buttery Blends, Los Angeles

Cleveland says that, this fall, blonde will take a step away from the one-dimensional looks, blending with brown hues with blonder tips. "Think about words like buttery, honey, and caramel when it comes to describing the shades you'll see this fall," she says.

Fall Hair Color Trends 2020: Brunettes

Milk Chocolate Browns, Atlanta

"I love to use food as a comparison for color," Cleveland says. "Brunette girls choose shades reminiscent of warm milk chocolate, but with some pops of light throughout to create beautiful dimension."

Tone-On-Tone Browns, Los Angeles

"Tone-on-tone is the most sophisticated and current trend for brunettes, like what we see on Shay Mitchell with a few bold pieces two shades lighter than her base color," George Papanikolas, celebrity hairstylist and Matrix brand ambassador, says. "Brunettes don't need a lot of highlights to get a big impact."

Fall Hair Color Trends 2020: Reds

Muted Reds, New Orleans

"We’re going to see more muted and copper reds in all ranges, but especially in the lighter strawberry-blonde family," Stenson says.

Red Hot Highlights, London

"Reds are coming in hot, and in layers," Kener says. "Think two-toned colors — red at the top and black at the bottom."

Bordeaux Reds, Switzerland

"This one is a personal favorite of mine since I'm a redhead myself," Cleveland says. "For fall, I will take my redheads deeper and cooler in tone. So if you're cherry red for summer, think about adding some violet tones at one level darker than you currently are to transition you into more of a merlot shade."

Fall Hair Color Trends 2020: Highlights

Bold Accent Colors, Washington, D.C.

"We’re going to see more bold color placements in curls and hints of color popping everywhere," Stenson says. "With most people spending less or no time in office settings, don’t be surprised if you see almost anyone trying out a bold accent that they might have previously avoided, even if for a short while."

Chunky Highlights, Colorado

"I am really enjoying how the dated 'chunky-highlight' look has transformed into a rooted look that gives all the drama and contrast while still maintaining a sophisticated vibe," Stenson says.

"Money Pieces", Atlanta

"The chunky highlights just around the face look, also known as money pieces, are my current favorite trend," Cleveland says. "It can be such a great pop to an already beautiful color. It also doesn't require a ton of upkeep should you decide you're over it before too long."

Fall Hair Color Trends 2020: Curls

Balayaged Texture, New York City

"I’m really loving the balayage look on curly girls," Martin says. "It took me a lot of time to accept this can work. The blend is pretty and soft and just what curly girls need. A bit of depth at the root and brighter towards the ends."

Platinum Coils, New York City

"In my natural hair salon, I’ve been getting so many double processed platinum blondes for men and women both," Martin says. "I guess after being locked up for so long, people want to push the limit."