These 5 Fall Shoe Trends Are Taking Over Instagram

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Most people have that one item they’re excited to wear come fall. For some, it’s big chunky sweaters; for others, it’s warm, sturdy shoes. Personally, I fall into the latter category — there are few pieces more beautiful to me than simple, neutral leather boots, and I inevitably wear any that I own to the breaking point by the time spring comes around. Plus, the predictability that a good pair of plain boots will never go out of style is particularly alluring; but in 2018, it appears you can no longer count on falling back on the typical go-to shoe of cold weather. In fact, it seems like every fall shoe trend that’s graced Instagram recently is a little unexpected.

If you’ve been known to wax poetic about the joys of sensible fall footwear, brace yourself: There’s barely a single shoe trend that fits neatly into that box this season. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to look forward to, though, even for the truest practical-shoe diehards. The lineup of this year’s most popular shoe trends include everything from flip-flops to over-the-top jewel embellishments, but I promise there’s something for everyone.

Maybe these shoe trends shouldn't come as such a surprise, though. After all, Isabel Marant sent cowboy boots down the runway for Fall 2018, the Michael Kors Collection included bright white flip-flops for Spring 2018, and the shoes in Area's Fall 2018 collection were dripping in jewel embellishments. Plus, practical, understated shoes like white sneakers have been trending for so long, it's probably just inevitable that everyone has finally decided to branch out into new, wilder territory in footwear trends.

Ahead, a curated a list of the five most popular styles out there, and where to buy each one. Just be prepared — you may find yourself wanting to try them all.

Cowboy Boots

Go all out with the biggest fall trends by pairing your western footwear with biker shorts and a plaid blazer.


If this detail is a little too sweet for you, go for a pair in a striking color and add some juxtaposition with a buttoned up blazer and a structured handbag.


Since this choice of footwear provides significantly less coverage than the typical fall shoe, be sure to add extra coverage to the rest of your body with an oversize sweater and a maxi skirt. Bonus points if you can incorporate every color trend of the year into your ensemble.

White Boots

Eschew the typical dark neutrals of fall for this popular bright white shoe. If you're feeling especially bold, try pairing them with color du jour lime green for a statement-making look.

Jewel Embellishments

Given that fall shoes are often relatively serious styles, this new trend is here to add a little fun into your wardrobe. Jewel embellishments are having a moment on the shoe scene, and they truly never fail to add some glam to your basic fall sweaters and jeans.