The #1 Nail Polish Colors Of The Season Are ...


Every Fashion Week, there's tons of coverage dedicated to the biggest hair and makeup trends from the runway, and it's no wonder: If blunt-cut bangs, shaggy bobs, and bright orange lipstick are about to be everywhere in just a couple months' time, you probably want to find out ASAP. The top nail polish trends for fall 2018 , however, are far sneakier — and way more seasonal. Everyone had white toes this summer, and you can wager a guess that come fall, many more are planning to swap out their summer brights for something moodier. Right?

Well ... not exactly. Jin Soon Choi, celebrity manicurist and mastermind behind her eponymous nail care line, tells The Zoe Report that this year's fall polish trends are as unexpected as they are fresh.

"Pure black and white are my favorites for the season," says Choi, who just released her Monochrome Collection for fall. The three-piece set includes a true white, a true black, and silver-toned glitter polish, all sold for $18 each — so save your mattes for another season.

"[Each color] is ideal for making bold fashion statements and creating simple nail art," she notes, adding that "subtle, sophisticated glitter" can serve as its own fashion accessory if you want it to.

That doesn't mean that you can't experiment with color this fall, though: In keeping with 2018's obsession with untraditional hues (think: murky browns, bright oranges, mustard yellows), Choi redefines "hip" to include "deep turquoises and opaque nudes," she notes.

Keep scrolling to see Choi's fall trend predictions — then shop them for yourself, too.


Navy Blue



Opaque Nudes