Nude Nail Polishes That Work With Your Skin Tone

At this point in the holiday season, glittery, brazen nail shades are officially the toast of the town and your beauty arsenal—we get it. But let’s be real, those vibrant hues are often ensemble-specific and don’t always translate to day-to-day wear. That’s why it’s vital to keep a flattering neutral on deck. It’s literally a no-fail choice for any look, no matter the occasion or season. That said, there are tons of options that fall into the nude family, and one does not always fit all. To take out the guesswork and get your polish collection ready for the new year, we’ve compiled the shades that work perfectly with your skin tone. Take notes.


Neutral Ground

Fair/Light Skin Tones

For you ladies with porcelain complexions, a soft pinkish-nude with cool undertones is the way to go. Avoid nudes that are too warm or brown.


Taupe or lilac-toned nudes are a great match for medium complexions with cool undertones. Avoid neutrals that are too peachy or orange.


Ladies with yellow or golden undertones look great with sandy- or coffee-colored neutrals (think creamy coffee). The warmth complements that of your skin, making them a match made in beauty heaven.


Espresso and rich cocoas are the perfect color matches for deeper skin tones, lending a bold and utterly chic edge to your nails.