I Swear By This Serum To Fight My Dry Winter Skin

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Winter isn't my season when it comes to beauty. As someone with super dry skin, I live for a little heat and humidity to give me a dewy glow. The minute it gets cold, my skin becomes tight, ashy, pale, and just plain dull. And if I don't do my due diligence as soon as the moisture leaves my body, I'll develop patches of eczema or ultra-dry patches that I can't moisturize away. Rich, hydrating serums are my best friend for keeping dry skin at bay. Instead of sitting on the surface and forming a sort of slippery shield (an issue I often find with lotion), serums soak into my pores, plumping my sad skin. Secret winter weapon unlocked!

Since discovering the solution to my winter woes, I've started filling my beauty cabinet with a range of these silky skin protectors. Luckily, I live alone, so I can stuff and stack products as much as my heart desires, tweaking my routine in an attempt to reach peak saturation. Luckily for all those embarking on their own journeys to winter wetness, I'm a bit of a beauty noob so my routine isn't anything complicated or high-key. Just hop in the shower, steam up good so your pores are nice and ready, then slap on the hydration. You can finish with moisturizer for an added boost too.

Below, my serum recs — both ones I currently use and ones I'm planning to try — so you can do your skin some good this winter, too.

The Best Serums For Dry Skin

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