The Best Purple Shampoos & Conditioners At Target To Keep Brassiness At Bay, According To Reviewers

Kristin Ess

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and you're out with friends living life to the fullest (fabulous cocktail in hand, ideally). Not much could get you down this summer — that is, unless your perfectly highlighted blonde locks start looking decidedly brassy instead of bright. When that happens you need a fast fix to freshen up your locks ahead of your next colorist visit, and that's where purple toning products come in. But don't spend a small fortune on some pricey salon brand, instead stock up on the best purple shampoos and conditioners at Target. At under $15 a pop, you'll still have plenty to spend on summer fun, and your strands will be looking better in a snap.

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Whether you're a year-round blonde or you habitually lighten your locks when summer comes back around, you likely know that purple shampoos and conditioners are a fair-haired girl's best friend. The vibrant violet products swiftly wipe out those pesky yellow-y tones that take the brightness out of your blonde, and they're essentially a necessity when you're trying to stretch the time in between trips to the colorist chair.

But before you think you've got to drop major dollars on a bottle or two of the blonde-saving stuff, simply grab some during your next Target trip. It'll save you serious cash, without compromising your color — and the reviews are proof.

Target's hair care shelves boast quite a few top-rated purple shampoos, all of which aim to give you salon-level toning results — for as little as $7. Yep, L'Oréal's Everpure Brass Toning Purple Shampoo will only run you $6.99 per bottle, and has a 4.5-star rating thanks to over 400 glowing reviews. Fans say it smells amazing, isn't too harsh on hair (many purple shampoos can be super drying), and quickly revives blonde for a brass-free finish. Use it in tandem with L'Oréal's 4.4 star purple conditioner, also just $6.99, which softens strands and prevents damage.

Or, go for cult-loved brand Kristin Ess' purple shampoo and coordinating conditioner, which are $12 each with a 4-star rating. The celebrity hairstylist's toning products can be used in place of a standard shampoo and conditioner if you want to maintain an ashy, platinum-like blonde, or swapped in just once or twice a week to keep brassy tones at bay. They're sulfate free and can even be used on natural blondes looking to brighten their strands for summer.

You'll also find top-rated purple hair products from drugstore brands like John Frieda and Not Your Mothers, both of which have reviews that claim quick results — so you can return to your beautiful blonde self in a single shower. Plus, fans say the affordable conditioners (John Frieda's is just $9.99) ensure your color-treated hair doesn't dry out, so it looks luscious and full of life.

Got blonde locks in need of some TLC? Keep scrolling to see the top-rated purple shampoo and conditioner to snag during your next Target stop, so you can put off that salon trip for a little longer.