I Found The One Styling Product That Makes Maintaining A Pixie Cut Actually Effortless

Best products for pixie cuts according to a beauty writer.

I didn't have a clear plan put together before I got my hair chopped off. I had a French bob I was determined to shorten and a picture of Zoë Kravitz on my phone — all the proof/encouragement I needed to once again spring for a pixie. But once I got up from the barber's chair and was left to maintain the Mia Farrow-inspired 'do on my own, I was reminded of one simple fact of life: Having less hair does not magically make styling it easier, something I'd conveniently forgotten. But fortunately, the best products for pixie cuts do help quite a bit.

And as a beauty writer, I have access to quite a few haircare products to try out. My haircare routine changed drastically when I went short this time around; formerly an ashy platinum blonde, then struggling through the surprisingly difficult blonde-to-brunette transition, many of my go-to products were about maintaining color, restoring strength, and caring for my hair's bonds. Long story short, Olaplex was my best friend.

So, the return to my (mostly natural) hair was a chance to establish a routine that nourished from the scalp out — a particularly important thing when you don't have a lot of hair to hide it. Below, the seven products I use to maintain my pixie cut.

B. Well 100mg CBD + Arnica Flower Soothing Skin & Scalp Oil

For me, short hair means more styling products, and more product buildup means more wash days — aka hot water drying out my scalp. Briogeo's CBD-infused B.Well oil calms down any irritation that crops up, and adds oil back into the equation.

Pre-Shampoo Mask

Speaking of. I use this Pre-Shampoo Mask when I want to quickly revive and calm my scalp and don't have time to leave on oils; it acts like a 5-minute oil-moisturizer hybrid.

Power Drops

A leftover from my days as a blonde, I still use Oribe's Power Drops to ensure my color-treated hair has a fighting chance (and protect new growth from environmental damage).

The Brush No. 001

Still fresh to the scene itself, Crown Affair's new brush gives my thick, wavy pixie that just-styled look in only four passes. The nylon-and-boar bristle blend feels pretty relaxing, too.

This is an Invisible Serum

This is it: my desert-island pixie product. The one I never want to leave home without. It smooths down the springiest strands without ever feeling crunchy, and adds in so much glossy shine. It's a steal at $23, as well.

Fragrance Free Texturizing Paste

Kristin Ess' lightweight Fragrance Free Texturizing Paste is my go to on days where I don't want a totally smooth, polished look. The water-based formula feels weightless and doesn't look greasy on your roots, either.

Texturizing Putty

On the flip side, Harry's Texturizing Putty is all about hold. It's thick, and takes some work to get the hang of, but it's a must for calming cowlicks without noticeable crunch. (Another plus? It smells absolutely incredible.)