This $7 Face Mask Will Winterize Your Skincare Routine

The best moisturizing face masks from Sephora, Ulta, and more

Some beauty fans collect eyeshadow palettes. Others, glossy rows of pretty, bottled skin care, carefully organized amongst diptyque tumblers. If I could — bathroom shelf space being the limiting factor here — I'd invest in a collection of the best moisturizing face masks. And I'd only break into it when it starts to snow (OK, well, maybe before that).

It's a basic equation known by anyone who's interested in skin care and lives in a place where they routinely need to de-ice their windshield. Cold air plus your fragile face equals sensitive, flaky skin. Your skin gets dry in the winter for a variety of reasons: A lack of naturally hydrating humidity may be the most well known — and certainly plays a major role — but little details contribute to the phenomenon, too. Even taking cozy, toasty showers can lead to dry skin.

Luckily, there is a way to strike back against the season. Hydrating face masks, available in multi-use packages or as travel-friendly sheet masks, let you reinforce your everyday skincare routine with an extra boost of much-needed moisture. And plenty fan favorites include benefits that go beyond the scope of saving dehydrated skin, like Go-To's glowy Transformazing sheet mask or Glossier's softening Moisturizing Moon Mask.


Ahead, nine moisturizing masks to stock up on before the worst of winter truly arrives — because now is the perfect time to begin your very own collection.