Why Derms Can’t Get Enough Of This Affordable Skincare Brand

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Malin + Goetz
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When Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz founded Malin + Goetz in 2004, they didn’t want to create market-driven products (better known as products driven by trends). Instead, the pair saw an opportunity to create a brand based on modernity and simplicity, with a focus on sensitive skin. “Our modern apothecary approach offers the best of tried, true and trusted natural ingredients ― no false claims in what we produce,” Malin tells TZR. This approach is why the best Malin + Goetz products are coveted not just by fans, but are dermatologist-approved, too.

The New York City-born brand, which is still family owned and produced, only offered 13 products in its earlier days. Now, there are about 40 under its name. “The new products come from necessity ― it’s not just because it’s the flavor of the month," Goetz explains. "There were gaps in our portfolio that needed to be filled. And sometimes, new products come about because new technology arises."

But no matter how many new products the brand releases, the modern apothecary approach shines through in each one. “We hired an amazing formulator and told her that we wanted the products scented naturally — we scented them for therapeutic purposes,” Goetz says. And with therapeutic aromas comes natural ingredients that are technologically advanced. Although the co-creators remained tight-lipped about the specifics, rest assured that the ingredients provide gentle and effective results.

Now back to why derms are into them, too: “They’re all multitaskers, pairing proven antioxidants to protect and repair alongside emollients and humectants to soothe and hydrate the skin,” Dr. Rhonda Klein, a board-certified dermatologist and co-founder of Modern Dermatology, notes. According to Dr. Klein, the products are an excellent match for those with mature skin but also would benefit younger patients who struggle with acne, and those in both groups who face sensitive skin.

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