The Jewelry Our Editors Can't Stop Thinking About This Holiday Season


Now that you're deep in the throes of building your holiday wish list (and finalizing your purchases for everyone else), you might be hitting an inevitable wall. The vastness of the internet makes narrowing things down especially tricky because well, there's always the possibility that something you need is just another click or two away. And while jewelry tops the list of high-impact gift ideas, it can be an especially tricky category to tackle. While a beautiful necklace or pair of earrings seems like an easy win because there's no need to know sizes and they're inherently luxe, the pieces you wear every day are also extremely personal in a way the rest of your wardrobe isn't. This can make things stressful for the potential purchaser when trying to settle on what the best jewelry gift might actually be. This is where TZR's editors can offer some advice.

Since the fashion team spends countless hours looking at all sorts of baubles, it only makes sense that a handful of pieces have made their way onto each of our wish lists. Below, find a curated selection of the jewelry myself, along with our Managing Editor Lauren Caruso and Contributing Market Editor Mecca James-Williams are all hoping to add to our collections this holiday season. Some pieces are of-the-moment trends (like a chic signet ring), while others skew simple and classic. No matter who your scouting for, there's a little something here that's sure to please — take our word for it.