Skip The Spring Florals And Try This Major Trend Instead


Remember folding a square scarf in half and tying it around your torso as a makeshift crop top growing up? Or what about Dionne's iconic white bandana in Clueless during gym class? If the answer to the above is yes, you're not alone in thinking that the bandanas and the bandana print trend alike prompt some serious fashion nostalgia. If you go back further on the timeline, the bandana holds an even more fascinating position in cultural history. Ranging from its symbolism for New York City's gay community during the 1970s, to the wild west's cowboys, all the way to 20th-century hip-hop culture. It's one of those trends that spans across a diverse range of communities, and its significance differs depending on who you talk to. On the commercial side of things, a few key brands brought the bandana print trend back to their spring 2019 collections, signaling yet another return for the iconic pattern.

Along with designers Natacha Ramsay-Levi of Chloe, Ditte Reffstrup of Ganni, and Zimmermann's namesake designer Nicky, among other brands, Alexander Wang helped lead the charge in favor of the bandana print trend for spring.

Ahead, four fresh bandana-print iterations that just might have you rethinking your entire obsession with florals.

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2019


His collection was largely inspired by a recent trip to Santa Barbara with his parents where he learned about their story of immigrating to the United States. Models came down the runway in a paisley motif by way of actual bandanas fastened around their foreheads as well as button-down "dad shirts"and printed shorts. The result felt like an irreverent take — Americana with an edge.

Chloé Spring/Summer 2019


Natacha Ramsay-Levi had a subtler take on the bandana print trend for Chloé's Spring/Summer 2019 collection. She incorporated scarf prints featuring the bandana's signature paisley, but wove the pattern into patchwork alongside other scarf-friendly textiles like florals and stripes. The assortment is perfect for the individual who wants to test drive the bandana print trend without it feeling completely literal.

Ganni Spring/Summer 2019

Cynthia Anderson/Shutterstock

Designer Ditte Reffstrup has cemented Ganni as a one-stop shop for perfectly printed dresses. Her spring collection incorporated a new perspective for the brand, and while the ruffled florals were nowhere to be seen this time around she did include a flash of yellow bandana print. As illustrated on the runway, it looks especially cool when mixed with another pattern.

Zimmermann Spring/Summer 2019


Of all brands to turn to for a paisley print, Zimmermann arguably ranks at the top of the list. The line's penchant for alluring bohemian frocks is what's made its covetable dress selections a mainstay each season. For spring, designer Nicky Zimmermann didn't stray from this path and included a slew of separates in the pattern she's perfected. Off the runway but in stores her commercial assortment offers a literal take on bandana prints with rosy pink shorts and dresses that are a fresh, fun way to tackle the trend right now.

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