5 Stunning Silk Scarves You Can Buy On Amazon — & They're All Under $20
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Two girls with silk scarves over their hair

Much like a good non-stick pan and an eye cream, owning a silk scarf is something of a rite of passage into adulthood — and with any of the best silk scarves listed ahead, you, too, can join a long and rich tradition of sophisticated (but still extremely cool) grownups. Whether made of faux or real silk, they all feel luxuriously smooth and come in a range of prints and palettes to suit any wardrobe. No need to invest your savings in an Hermès scarf, either: All the scarves featured here cost well under $20.

Other than their painterly prints, silk scarves are perhaps best known, and most useful, for their versatility: Try wearing yours as a headband, headwrap, wristlet, anklet, armband à la Carrie Bradshaw, handbag decor, or learn how to tie a scarf top. You can tie it in a knot, tie it in a bow, or let it hang loose. The possibilities are limited only by your fabric-to-available-surface-area ratio.

Scroll on to shop five of the best silk scarves you can get on Amazon. Timelessly chic and eminently affordable, they’re the perfect way to elevate any simple outfit, however you wear them.

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The Best-Selling Faux Silk Scarf On Amazon

Although this scarf is made of 100% polyester, it looks and feels exactly like real silk — it's buttery-soft and satisfyingly slippery. Lots of Amazon reviewers wear this as a protective hair wrap at night, though its large, square size makes it versatile enough to be worn countless ways. (Some reviewers say the material is a bit too slippery to hold a knot for several hours, however, so maybe don’t wear this one as a top.) This comes in 44 patterns in almost every color palette imaginable, from an Hermès-inspired teal chain to the leopard-and-orange combination featured here. Each costs just about $9 on Amazon, so go ahead and collect a few.

  • Available patterns: 44


Another Best-Selling Faux Silk Scarf

If you haven’t fallen in love with any of those 44 patterns (you’re not picky; you’re discerning), consider this Corciova scarf, which comes in 45 other prints. Like the previous scarf, this one is large and square — both measure 35 by 35 inches — and feels like silk masquerading in a 100% polyester suit (albeit a surprisingly luxurious one). These have a bit more shine to them, though the colors are equally rich. The price point is equally approachable, too.

  • Available patterns: 45


The Best Real Silk Neck Scarf

Faux silk scarves certainly get the job done, but there’s something special about owning a true silk scarf of your very own (i.e., not copped from your mom). At just $15 on Amazon, this mulberry silk scarf is an accessible starter piece for your silk collection. The patterns lean fittingly classic, like watercolor-inspired florals, solid cherry red, and the delicate houndstooth pictured above. It’s slightly smaller than the other scarves on this list (it’s 21 x 21 inches), so this’ll work best as a neckerchief, or tied around your handbag or ponytail.

  • Available colors/patterns: 33


Another Real Silk Neck Scarf In Other Cute Prints

This 100% silk scarf also comes in a wealth of patterns — 43, to be exact — so you may find a print you like better. Otherwise, the construction is virtually interchangeable with that Andantino scarf: Same size, same airy lightness, same buttery-soft feel. Note that this has one lustrous side and one muted side, as is common with silk charmeuse.

  • Available patterns: 43


The Best Long Silk Scarf

Swaddle yourself up like a bougie baby in this oversized silk scarf, which measures in at a pashmina-esque 71 x 30 inches. The jury is still out as to whether this is truly 100% silk, as the brand claims (some reviewers believe it’s poly silk), though almost everyone who has purchased this scarf has raved about the quality regardless. One customer who collects vintage designer scarves confirms that the construction mimics high-end silk, “with no inconsistencies in the fabric density or weave." And with over 50 colors and patterns to choose from, you’re utterly spoiled for choice.

  • Available colors/patterns: 50+