The Easy 3-Piece Outfit Formula I Always Use During Quarantine


Getting dressed in quarantine has been different. That’s obvious enough. But one thing I didn’t expect about spending close to 24-7 in my 350-square-foot apartment is that I get dressed with a different mindset every single day — and when I wake up, I know instantly what sort of day it’s going to be. Some mornings, I can’t wait to get done with my workout so I can get back into something comfy, like cotton shorts and an oversized tee. Other days, I rehearse the same refrigerator-stare into the abyss that is my closet, try on a handful of things like I did pre-quarantine, then settle on a slip dress that makes me feel at once put together and ready to go somewhere — even if that somewhere is just my kitchen. Other days, I fall somewhere in-between, but I’ve noticed that I use the same three-piece outfit formulas for quarantine as I did before we were stuck inside.

Before all this, sometimes my three-piece outfit would consist of wide-leg jeans, a ribbed tank, and an oversized blazer; others, it was a body-skimming midi dress, a comfy cardigan, and scarf for my hair. As it turns out, I use the same formula to get dressed in quarantine, with varying degrees of comfort.

Ahead, the three-piece outfit formulas I swear by while in quarantine.

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3-Piece Quarantine Outfit Formula: Comfort Plus

I spent the initial workdays of quarantine wearing the same pajamas I’d fallen asleep in, changing only to workout and run the occasional errand. And though I’m still often working from my bed most days, I’ve made a habit of changing from my nighttime pajamas to daytime clothes — even if those are also pajamas. Not only will I get a ton of wear out of this ribbed tank post-quarantine, but I can imagine paring these boyfriend joggers with a pair of mules in the future. On truly warm days, I swap those out for a pair of cotton shorts from Champion.

3-Piece Quarantine Outfit Formula: Casual Cool

I didn’t even bother to make eye contact with anything that resembled outside clothes until week eight. To ease the transition, I stuck with clothes that were comfortable enough to wear while lounging (see: the oversized tee), and added a faux leather blazer for my daily walks across the city.

3-Piece Quarantine Outfit Formula: Zoom-Date Ready

It may seem counterintuitive to throw on a dress just to sit at your kitchen table, but I find that I’m more motivated and even more optimistic when I wear An Outfit. Pick a dress that feels like a nightgown, add a cardigan that you can toss around your shoulders, throw a scarf if your hair, and get to Zooming. Bonus points if you bother to put shoes on.