Sweet Chef’s First Cleanser Is An Affordable Addition To Your Sensitive-Skin Routine

Courtesy of Sweet Chef
Sweet Chef's new launches in June include its Oat Milk Latte Cleanser

If you've heard of the beauty brand Sweet Chef, you probably know that its ~thing~ is naming each product with its star ingredients in mind — i.e. the Ginger + Vitamin C Serum, the Sugarcane + Vitamin E Lip Sleeping Mask, or the Superfood +Vitamins Beauty Oil. Many of those, like ginger or superfood, make multiple appearances in the line, ensuring fans are familiar with their properties and benefits. But if you consider yourself one of those fans, you may have recently noticed an appearance from a new ingredient, courtesy of Sweet Chef's Oat Milk Latte Cleanser which launched on June 30.

And as you probably guessed from the name, one of the product's key ingredients is oat milk — a new one for the brand that's slightly unexpected given its previous lineup of mostly veggies, superfoods, and vitamins. But according to Christine Chang, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sweet Chef, it's an addition that makes perfect sense. "Sweet Chef’s formulation philosophy utilizes amazing, natural ingredients that transform the skin," Chang told The Zoe Report over email. "For this cleanser, Oat Milk was the ideal natural, nutrient-rich ingredient to actively soothe skin. Oat Milk is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, while having anti-inflammatory benefits."

Of course, there's more than just oat milk included in the $13 face wash. To create a gentle, makeup-removing cleanser that would work on the most sensitive skin types — something Sarah Lee, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sweet Chef says that the brand's customers have been looking for — the brand added some other soothing additions so users could start their skincare routines hydrated and free of irritation.

"We added Coffee Seed Extract for additional calming, anti-inflammatory properties, while ensuring the Hyaluronic Acid would hydrate skin to the max," Lee tells TZR. Paired with vitamin B12 to support skin's barrier health, and panthenol, a derivative of vitamin B that adds even more hydration, the result is a soothing product that gently sets the stage for the rest of your routine.

Sweet Chef also expanded its collection with another launch on June 30, releasing an eye cream that marries turmeric and vitamin C for a daily brightening boost. And while you might immediately connect turmeric with the ingredient's propensity for staining, you don't have to worry about any yellow residue with the brand's new gel-cream hybrid. "Though turmeric in its raw form may potentially stain the skin with prolonged contact, application of this eye cream will not leave a color residue," explains Lee. "While formulating, we used an optimized blend of turmeric extract and additional ingredients for a gentle eye treatment that helps to brighten, soften and nourish the delicate eye area."

Courtesy of Sweet Chef

Instead, you can just focus on its benefits; which, like the cleanser, are surprisingly far-reaching for its $18 price tag. Naturally, the turmeric contributes a few: "Turmeric is a tried and true ingredient used for decades for its potent, antioxidant-rich, brightening benefits," says Lee. "Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties help fight free radicals and signs of aging."

But there's also vitamin C to brighten (not surprising, since it's in the cream's name) ; niacinamide to hydrate; ginger for its bevy of antioxidants to combat dullness in skin; and probiotics, which Chang says work in tandem with the turmeric to "naturally amplify each other’s soothing effects, to help create a healthy-skin barrier."

Both of the new products are available on Sweet Chef's site now, and will be available on Target.com on July 5 and in Target stores July 12. Or, shop the launches now, ahead.