Summer Fridays' New Skincare Launch Marks A Huge First For The Curated Brand

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Courtesy of Summer Fridays
Summer Fridays' new Super Amino Gel Cleanser with model.
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Summer Fridays isn't a skincare brand that churns out a new launch every other week. All of nine products currently pop up when you search its online store — and three of those are a tote, a tube-squeezing key, and a sold-out sweatshirt. It's an interesting approach for a brand with cult-level buzz behind it; its Instagram-famous Jet Lag Mask has more than 1,500 perfect reviews at Sephora, while its fan-favorite CC Me Vitamin C Serum nearly has a 5-star rating. It's also what makes Summer Fridays' new Super Amino Gel Cleanser particularly eye catching.

A first ever for the brand, the cleanser launched Feb. 5, debuting on the Summer Fridays website as well as online at Sephora. The $38 bottle that houses the new launch is as sleek as any other Summer Fridays product — wrapping up the formula in a pale, mint-green container that holds 5 ounces. Still, though, it's that formula that'll make you want to know more; as its name would imply, the Super Amino Gel Cleanser offers up a bevy of skin-friendly amino acids.

11, to be exact. According to the product description, each one was picked for "their unique powers to replenish, protect, and support skin elasticity." Think of the ingredient like a building block, and one that's accented by the formula's additional vitamin E, sodium PCA, and sodium lactate — which attract hydration like tiny, easy-to-use magnets.

Courtesy of Summer Fridays

Make no mistake, though. This cleanser will, well, cleanse. Formulated without sulfates, the Super Amino formula instead relies on a coconut-derived surfactant to whisk makeup and pollution from your skin, all the while encouraging a balanced pH level. Sulfates aren't the only potentially unwanted ingredient Summer Fridays left out of the formula, too — the Super Amino Gel Cleanser is made sans parabens, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, and silicones. It's vegan and cruelty free, as well.

Best of all, the cleanser will give you that fresh, clean feeling, while still being gentle enough for all skin types. Curious enough to try it out for yourself? You can buy a bottle of the Super Amino Gel Cleanser on Sephora.com or SummerFridays.com, or wait to snag it in-store at Sephora on Feb. 28.

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