Your Favorite Pimple Patch Brand Now Has A Moisturizer For Acne-Prone Skin

Courtesy of Starface
Starface's Moisture on Mars Hydrating Face Cream is its first-ever moisturizer.

Dealing with breakouts is stressful, but even more overwhelming is figuring out what your skin does and doesn't like. Although opinions vary, oftentimes a simplified, bare-bones routine is best when working with aggravated skin. Luckily, the brand known for its star-shaped zit stickers and laidback face wash is taking pimple care a step further while sticking to its minimal roots. Freshly launched, Starface's new Moisture on Mars Hydrating Face Cream is helping flesh out the company's mindful approach to its acne-positive products.

The bottle comes in the brand's iconic sunshine-yellow packaging dotted with a smiley face and is available starting July 23 on Starface's website. Fans of the product can grab it for $18, but also have the ability to set up a recurring subscription for slightly less.

Similar to the brand's Space Wash, which launched in May, the new cream is clean according to the standards of Sephora, Target, and Credo Beauty, and has a mix of natural acne-soothing ingredients. “We’re very excited to introduce our new moisturizer to customers — it’s clean, lightweight, and hydrating — the perfect complement to our new Space Wash. Moisture on Mars is a gentle, anti-inflammatory, won’t-break-you-out cream that’s safe for acne-prone skin," says Julie Schott, Co-Founder of Starface, in an email to TZR.

To live up to these standards, the featured active ingredients are a careful selection of extracts, minerals, and antioxidants, which all treat acne-prone skin in different ways. Holy basil leaf extract prevents clogged pores and sodium hyaluronate keeps the moisture coming, while aloe vera and DL-alpha-tocopherol acetate (synthetic vitamin E) minimize inflammation and scarring. Zinc and copper are included, too, in order to prevent future bumps. And since the oil-free formula contributes to the breakout-free motto, it also helps that it's completely void of fragrance, a component that usually exacerbates the problem.

Courtesy of Starface

This new formula came at a perfect time in regards to my own complexion. Recently, a painful under-the-skin zit the size of a small volcano popped up on my forehead and was not having it with my current lineup. Instead of my usual method of throwing on my most potent retinol and drying products to parch my pimple, I tested out Moisture on Mars. It felt like just the light, invisible blanket of hydration my skin needed, sans oily, pore-clogging residue. And, instead of waking up with a flaking, inflamed forehead, I found moisturized skin and a smaller pimple that was much less angry-looking.

Try it out for yourself and shop the first-ever moisturizer from Starface, below.

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