Pore Strips Just Got A Lot More Fun Thanks To Starface's Newest Launch

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Courtesy of Starface
Scarface's Lift Off Pore Strips are as uplifting as the brand's famous Hydro-Star pimple patches
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Not a positive word was ever said about a breakout before a certain galactic-inspired spot sticker came along. You know the one. Now, the brand behind those spacey smiley faces is tackling the pesky band of blackheads that permanently occupies your nose. Like its Instagram-famous Hydro-Stars, Starface's new Lift Off Pore Strips make pimple care surprisingly fun.

The before-bed ritual of blackhead extraction just became worlds less dreadful with these chipper yellow nose strips, a welcome alternative to the standard, less-photogenic drugstore assortment. Following the launch of its cult-favorite Hydro-Stars pimple patches, Starface's new celestial pore strip offering is equally uplifting and — more importantly — effectual, able to unearth what the brand describes as a "satisfying galaxy of gunk."

But as unpleasant as blackhead removal may sound — the words "plugged," "clogged," "gunk," and "lesion" come up often — this optimistic brand makes the process at least look less threatening than the tar-like charcoal variety or, heaven forbid, those "pore vacuums" and extractor tools. Decorated with Starface's signature starry-eyed smiley faces, the Lift Off Pore Strips represent an emerging generation of nonintimidating blackhead treatments. All for under $10, too.

The brand's newest addition is soap-, paraben-, fragrance-, and sulfate-free, non-comedogenic, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Courtesy of Starface

It uses witch hazel leaf extract to fight bacteria and reduce inflammation, aloe to soothe, allantoin to hydrate and encourage cell turnover, silica to regulate sebum secretion and promote collagen production, and butylene glycol to help skin absorb the active ingredients.

They're powerful, despite their playful facade, and nearly as inexpensive as your average Walgreens alternative. They join a lineup of similarly smiley and cosmic skin care including Space Wash and Moisture on Mars in addition to the zit-highlighting Hydro-Stars. At $9 for a pack of eight, Lift Off is a needed ray of sunshine in the ever-boring land of pore strips. You can purchase them on Starface.World, ahead.

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