This Kourtney Kardashian-Approved Skincare Brand Is Launching Its First Full-Body Product

Courtesy of skyn ICELAND
The skincare brand just launched its first-ever body product.

Who knows how to combat the driest skin around better than those who are living in a climate that can cause it in seconds flat? Up near the Arctic Circle, nature is unrelenting, so it makes sense to learn from the people, plants, and organisms that are living and thriving in those kinds of conditions. If you're used to dry, cracked, and dehydrated skin, you'll want to make room for skyn ICELAND's new Arctic Repair Cream — a rescue remedy for your body packed with ingredients that know a thing or two about dryness.

You may already be familiar with the brand's celebrity-favorite Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, which have a permanent space in Kourtney Kardashian's bag when she's traveling, according to her lifestyle site Poosh. Now, skyn ICELAND is taking its beneficial skincare tech and funneling it into body care.

In terms of products, it's pretty common knowledge that you can put facial moisturizer on your body, but you should almost never put body lotion on your face (disastrous). That's all changing now. "As a brand focused on providing solutions for stressed skin, we wanted to expand our range to include body products in addition to products for the face. The Arctic Repair Cream can be used for both — providing intense moisture from head-to-toe," Kelley Martin, skyn ICELAND's Chief Marketing Officer, tells The Zoe Report over email.

Courtesy of skyn ICELAND

The components packed away in this tub that make it worthy of both your face and body are plentiful, but three that stand out are its Arctic algae, gooseberry extract, and colloidal oatmeal. The algae conditions and protects from free radicals while the gooseberry brightens and infuses skin with antioxidants. As for the oatmeal, it keeps moisture in and calms inflammation.

It also features the elusive vitamin F, which brings restorative properties to the table and bilberry seed oil, a mega hydrator with the ability to soothe thanks to its makeup of omega fatty acids. Martin says this makes for a useful addition to your cool weather arsenal, but is especially helpful if you have sensitive skin, rosacea, or dermatitis.

Courtesy of skyn ICELAND

All of these nourishing ingredients are also part of skyn ICELAND's efforts to be clean in all senses of the word. "The Arctic Repair Cream also represents our recommitment to certified, clean, and effective products that celebrate the powerhouse natural ingredients of Iceland," she says. This reaches into other parts of the company, too. For example, the jar itself is made of 100 percent recyclable sugarcane, translating into a much lighter impact on the environment.

If dry skin is an unwelcome friend in your life, usher it out with skyn ICELAND's new cream, below.

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