Here's Exactly When You Can Start Shopping Sephora's Giant Spring Sale

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Sephora’s Beauty Insider Spring Savings Event 2020 details.

Like a perennial flower sprouting up once again, Sephora’s Beauty Insider Spring Savings Event is back for the 2020 season. Or, as it's more commonly known by fans of the beauty retailer, one of the rare, gigantic sales Sephora kicks off every year. And if you haven't shopped it before for yourself, know that it really is one of the few times you'll see savings this expansive from the store — with just one promo code, you can tap into everything the Spring Savings Event offers across Sephora.com.

There is one small catch (though you probably already have it covered). The Spring Savings Event is offered exclusively to members of Sephora’s free, point-saving Beauty Insider loyalty program, so you will need to sign up if you want to shop it. All three Beauty Insider tiers — Insider, VIB, and Rouge — will have access.

Though the perks of the sale depend on which tier you fall into. Customers who sign up for the free Insider tier will score 10 percent off during the Spring Savings Event using the promo code SPRINGSAVE, with their version of the sale running from April 23 to April 27. (You can join online as an Insider just by swinging by Sephora's website, as well.)

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Meanwhile, those who qualify for the VIB tier will be able to use the same promo code to score 15 percent off — starting April 21 and ending on April 29. The Rouge perks are even better: As the highest Beauty Insider tier, Rouge customers get to shop the sale between April 17 and May 1, and will save 20 percent with SPRINGSAVE. This makes sense, too, since VIB status is unlocked once you spend $350 within a year, and Rouge earned at $1,000.

Not so sure which tier you've landed at? You can check by logging into your account on Sephora's website. Then, your tier (plus any points you've picked up along the way) will pop up below your name; you can also see more information by visiting your Beauty Insider profile.

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