Selena Gomez's *Super* Chic Alternative To A Nude Manicure

Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It's an exciting time for Selena Gomez. Her highly anticipated album, Rare, has finally been released, with the visuals from Petra Collins to match. But it's the ethereal imagery that caught TZR's attention, in which the pop-star stuns in a subtle sequin nail polish. And though it might feel nostalgic of your beloved glitter nails from your childhood, it's actually a mature take on nude nails that you probably never thought about trying.

The lively set was created by celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik who also polishes celebs like Heidi Klum and Margot Robbie. He's even responsible for the next big nail trend that J.Lo recently sported at the 2020 Golden Globes. They decided to keep the polish in accordance with the "whimsical fairy feel" of the video, Bachik explained later on his Instagram. But as for the romantic shape, it's filed into a soft oval at a medium length. And to achieve a more sheer look, like Gomez, opt for a light coat of multi-glitter sequins over a sheer shade that leave the natural nail exposed beneath the shiny flakes. Among all of the unique nail trends coming to 2020, wearing your mood on your hands is one to get excited for.

Courtesy of Tom Bachik

Not only is this disco-ball design trend a simple way to liven up your usual nude color palette but it's remarkably easy to do. Just opt for a polish like YSL Beauty's Studio Silver shade, $28, for a, buildable, yet lighter approach. However if you're planning to take it a step further with more coverage, a few coats of Jin Soon's Absolute Glitz polish for $18, no less, will do the trick.

Once finding a polish that catches your eye, prep your nail with a clear base coat then use a glitter-filled lacquer with little to no pigment to replicate the singer's natural look. And for those that like to keep it simple and steer clear of designs, this sequined sparkle look might be the perfect compromise.

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