Courtesy of Coco Shop

Resort Wear Brand Coco Shop Just Relaunched Using Its Historic Prints From The '40s


With the recent wave of well-intentioned, direct-to-consumer labels, it's rare to find a brand with several generations of craftsmanship under their belt. So, when one does emerge, it's usually reason enough to take a closer look. With some 70 years of veritable experience, resort wear brand Coco Shop has had an indisputable head start. As for their current collection, the Antigua-bred label has placed a modern twist on their classic prints from the '40s. The result? A rotation of frocks that are nostalgic for generations past and still super on-trend in 2020.

Their current offering includes tons of looks that will be sure to inspire you to book a spring getaway somewhere warm, with cerulean hues drawn right from the ocean and soaked into the fabric. Their Pleated Dress comes in two different options: the vibrant Banana Leaf/Hummingbird pattern evokes the colors of sea glass, while the Blue Bougainvillea style features an airy, pastel-drenched print. The basket skirt is arguably the most versatile: coming with a casual jersey short for wearing underneath, the top layer creates a multidimensional look by threading together one-inch strips of multi-patterned cotton.

It all started out as a modest crafts table in the Caribbean, where siblings Pat Starr and Amos Morrill had shared intentions of allowing local artists to sell their work. The siblings soon after moved the business to a West Indian home (which was unapologetically "coco"-nut brown on its exterior), where Pat would run the operations and Amos would draw the daydream-y prints.

Courtesy of Coco Shop
Courtesy of Coco Shop

Nearly 68 years later, Taylor Simmons, a New Yorker whose family had visited Antigua for generations over, relaunched the brand after it had shut its doors for two short years. Today, it's an international clothing brand that best-dressers count on for timeless heritage pieces that feel a little bit vintage but with a distinct island feel that's as authentic as ever. And, 70 years later, Coco Shop's pledge to support Antiguan artists persists.

For shoppers that aim for tried-and-true craftsmanship, look no further and read along for some of the brand's most besotted styles from the collection.