How To Use R+Co’s New Leave-In Conditioner, Your One-Step Trick To Effortlessly Cool Hair

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R+Co's latest product is a leave-in conditioner with multiple uses.
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Everyone has a handful of those *slightly* boring products — you know, the ones that do exactly what the container states and not much more — and leave-in conditioner is usually a great example of this. You can appreciate that it's good at what it does (giving your hair a little extra shine and nourishment), but it's hard not to keep your eyes off products that have a long list of talents when you're in a crunch for time or in search of a more low-key routine. Fortunately, the launch of R+Co’s SUN CATCHER Power C Boosting Leave-In Conditioner is spicing up how you can use this fairly basic product, leaving its single-purpose days in the dust.

Collaborating with celebrity hair stylist Ashley Streicher, R+Co formulated a new leave-in conditioner ($32) that's meant to go beyond its select few uses and work on any hair type. You might be used to applying these formulas as post-shower treatments and thinking nothing more of them, but according to an IGTV video from Streicher, SUN CATCHER's abilities don't stop there.

In the video, she mentioned that it's a perfect product to use for both air drying and blow drying, protecting your strands from heat, and adding texture to second- or third-day hair. It can also be applied to hair when it's wet or dry to combat frizz and add a boost of moisture. But while the uses are plentiful, it's important to note that the ingredients also do their own fair share of multitasking.

Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are both featured ingredients that you're probably already reaping the benefits of for your skin. But your hair will also appreciate the extreme hydration from hyaluronic acid and protection from UV rays and other forms of damage that vitamin C's antioxidant properties can provide.

Other notable features include a brand-new fragrance for R+Co (TZR's Shopping News Editor, Anna Buckman, thinks it smells like a lightened-up version of her favorite Le Labo Cade 26 candle, which, yum) and a handful of other key ingredients. This means your hair won't only smell good, but thanks to the addition of vegetable collagen, along with radish root and coconut oil extract, you can moisturize, soften, strengthen, and promote scalp circulation, too.

If you have a love for multitasking products and ingredients, check out the new leave-in conditioner that's now available, below.

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