The R+Co x Ashley Streicher Collection Got Another Addition To Help You Perfect Your Summer Waves

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Courtesy of R+Co
R+Co's newest product is a wave spray with watermelon.
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The dream is getting the perfect beachy waves from flawlessly flipping your hair around after stepping out of the ocean (Baywatch, anyone?). The reality is using salt sprays that might cause a little curl, but leave your hair feeling like straw. If you've yet to find that holy grail, wave-inducing product, the launch of R+Co's DREAMHOUSE Cold Pressed Watermelon Wave Spray might just be it.

The new drop, which is now available on R+Co's website, is the most recent release the brand has done in collaboration with celebrity hairstylist Ashley Streicher. The aim of the $29 wave spray is to give you the kind of waves you wish you could actually get post-ocean swim. It contains cold-pressed watermelon seed oil to add shine and protect your hair with antioxidants while resulting in undone texture. Not only will it give you waves, but R+Co considers this new formula a "tri-toned multitasking mist" (which you can shake to make it turn lavender, by the way), that works to hydrate, protect, and boost your hair color.

The secret behind its ability to produce tousled waves? Aside from its watermelon-derived hero ingredient, red algae, turmeric root, and jackfruit extracts play a big part. Red algae and turmeric root both protect while adding shine and hydration to your locks. The jackfruit gives your hair a boost of vitamin A, and along with the turmeric root, helps give plenty of texture — the key to great waves.

While the seeds of Harry Styles' favorite summer fruit are the star ingredient, the spray smells like anything but; instead, it features the brand's Stars Align fragrance. This scent is also featured in SUN CATCHER Power C Boosting Leave-In Conditioner, the first launch from Streicher's R+Co collection, and is made up of palo santo, white cedarwood, smoky tobacco leaf, fresh pine needles, and waterlily — a refreshing take on your typical fruity-smelling summer must-haves.

If tousled strands are your thing, you can shop the new wave spray, below.

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