Rachel Zoe Shares Her At-Home Must-Haves

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Courtesy Of Rachel Zoe
Rachel Zoe in a white robe sitting on a beige couch as she shares her current must-haves
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As a much-needed escape from the current climate, The Zoe Report is launching a new series called "Styled Inside," taking readers into the homes of editors, stylists, and people we admire. Discussing everything from trends and beauty tips to constructive ways to pass the time at home, the weekly episodes on The Zoe Report's Instagram promise to be a light-hearted celebration of fashion and style.

The first guest, stylist and designer Rachel Zoe, offers a peek inside her L.A. home, where she is quarantined with her husband, Rodger, and her two sons, Skyler and Kaius. In between juggling her business, home-schooling, and parenting — as is the new norm for so many — she shares her favorite products and looks and even gives a look at her epic closet. Here, she shares a few of the things she's loving right now.

Her Go-To Looks

When asked to share which outfit formulas she has on heavy rotation, Zoe barely skips a beat: "During downtime, which typically includes running after the kids or cooking, I'm always in either in a plush bathrobe or a cashmere dress," she says.

For days when she has work calls or wants to feel a bit more polished, she reaches for her favorite formula. "I'm constantly drawn to a maxi dress," explains Zoe, "or I'll opt for a blouse and a blazer."

Her Beauty Routine

Zoe is making the most of her time at home, enjoying the break from her normal routine. "I no longer have to constantly be in hair and makeup for events," she says. "It's been a great time to focus on my skin and wear the bare minimum when it comes to makeup." Her current favorites are from Dr. Barbara Sturm, whose serums and creams have been fixtures on her vanity "for many months now!" She's also been staying protected on walks and time outside with Supergoop's sunscreens. "At most," she says, "I'm wearing a little concealer and mascara, just to feel normal."

When it comes to her hair, Zoe has been embracing the freedom from processing and heat-styling. "It's been nice to just get my hair healthy, allowing it to air dry," she says. "I use R+Co's Waterfall Moisture Creme from my Spring Box of Style to keep it hydrated."

How She Is Staying Zen

Exercise has become a fixture, even for those of us who have never maintained a regular routine — including Zoe. "I've started working out," exclaims Zoe, almost as surprised by the admission as I was to hear it. "I honestly haven't since I was about 19, but I've started using the treadmill and walking with weights outside... it's helping me get out the anxious energy."

In addition, she's been maintaining a sense of calm in the house by lighting her favorite candles. "It's sometimes the littlest things that can bring you back into the present," she says, "and for me, candles are a huge help."

She cites brands like Byredo and Eric Buterbaugh for their rich and complex scents. "Beyond that, I'm just trying to stay grateful for this quality time with my family, and doing our part to protect health care and essential workers on the front lines," she says.

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