Here's Why Buzzy Toothbrush Brand quip's Latest Release Isn't A Toothbrush

Courtesy of quip
quip's new Refillable Floss on bathroom counter beside sink

Ah, flossing. Whether you dutifully do it every single day or forget to more often than not, you can probably attest to one fact: It's never been a particularly exciting activity. "Flossing is a crucial part of your oral health care routine — but it’s something that most Americans are not doing daily," Simon Enever, CEO and co-founder of the toothbrush and oral care brand quip, explains to The Zoe Report over email. However, this may soon change. On Oct. 29, quip's new Refillable Floss debuted on the brand's website, and it's the stylish $20 solution your vanity is missing.

"As with the quip Electric Toothbrush, we learned during the development of floss that the most impactful thing we could do was actually get people to do the behavior as often as dentists recommend," Enever explains. "So the primary goal with the design of our quip Refillable Floss was to make people want to floss, and then once they are flossing, to help them do it better."

Intriguingly, quip's research found that most people don't floss when they actually want to the most — in public, or at their own office after eating — because they typically don't have any on them. "Another interesting insight was that when asked why they didn’t floss at home, a common answer was that they simply didn’t remember because, unlike toothpaste and toothbrushes, floss is often kept out of sight (and mind) in a drawer or cabinet," he adds.

Courtesy of quip

And so, quip's travel-friendly — and aesthetically pleasing — Refillable Floss was born. Retailing at $20 for a metal case and $10 for plastic, the container comes in multiple, quip toothbrush-complementing colorways like silver, gold, and copper. Enever notes that the shape was designed to both fit into your pocket, and display well on your bathroom counter. Since the container is made to last, it also cuts down on single-use plastic waste common with traditional floss packaging. "The floss canister is something you can keep forever and simply refill the floss string inside," Enever explains.

Even that string itself is well designed. Subtly flavored with peppermint essential oil, the string expands as you floss, catching more areas between and around your teeth and gums. "The retractable top makes it easy to pop open and tear off a piece of our ADA-accepted pre-marked string so you get the correct, consistent amount of floss each time," Enever says.

Courtesy of quip

Because yes — you should be flossing. "Brushing alone can’t remove all of the food and plaque between your teeth and around the gumline, which is why it’s important to also maintain good flossing habits to keep gums healthy and help prevent gum disease," adds Enever.

Better yet, it's easy to assure you never run out of quip's floss. One floss string refill lasts you for three months, and you can sign up on quip's website to have new packs automatically sent to your house (to the tune of $5 a pop). Ahead, quip's new Refillable Floss, available on the brand's website.