Prose's New Curl Cream Is As Customizable As Your Curly Hair Routine

Campaign imagery for Prose's new custom Curl Cream.

Caring for curls is easier said than done. A seemingly endless array of questions present themselves after you figure out your curl type: Which haircare method will you use? Will you cut out certain ingredients? How often are you going to wash your hair, anyway? If you've ever longed for a streamlined test that took all of this info and compiled it into one product, you're in luck — because Prose's new custom Curl Cream does just that.

Designed to style and hydrate hair types 2A through 4C, the mid-January launch is available on Prose's website and retails at $25. Better yet, it's as flexible as a curl cream needs to be to fit into the wide variety of hair maintenance methods out there in the world; Prose tailors it to your hair type, thickness, and condition, and allows you to opt out of ingredients like silicone or fragrance.

Besides aligning with Prose's background as a totally customizable haircare brand, this new launch was made with curly-hair practices (such as Rochelle Graham's LOC Method) in mind. "When we set out to develop our custom curl cream, we knew we wanted to create a product that everyone could use on their unique hair — no matter the type of curl. Layering methods are very popular techniques for those who have curly hair because they have been proven to help maintain moisture," Faith Huffnagle, director of education at Prose, tells TZR over email.


"In addition to being able to use this product to practice the LOC method, we developed our custom curl cream by using sustainably sourced ingredients," Huffnagle continues. "We also knew that we needed to use ingredients that would work on many different types of curls but that would achieve an individual's unique needs and goals."

And while each custom Curl Cream is, in fact, custom, Huffnagle is able to call to a few main players that pop up in the formula: curl-defining Pequi oil, strengthening Baobab protein, and the moisturizing one-two punch of shea oil and flaxseed extract. "With the use of these key ingredients combined with the results of an individual's consultation, we're able to offer a custom curl cream that is truly able to help any type of curl," Huffnagle explains.

Which yes, does mean you'll have to click through the haircare brand's consultation test — but it's well worth it for a curl cream formula that's all your own. Ahead, the new Curl Cream from Prose.