Priyanka Chopra Took A High-Fashion Spin On The Canadian Tuxedo

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Every week (or so it seems), there's a new celebrity sighting that offers up a fresh, of-the-moment way to rock the classic Canadian Tuxedo. In late Jan., it was newlywed Hailey Baldwin's casual, all-over jeans look that showcased an edgier, but still easy, approach to the combo. Now, it's Priyanka Chopra's denim-on-denim outfit that proves the darker the wash, the better.

Chopra was on a serious style streak all throughout Jan., and she's certainly not losing that momentum in Feb. On Tues., the actor was photographed on the bustling streets of New York City wearing a jean-on-jean look that easily ranks as one of the best of 2019 — just take a peek for yourself.

While you typically tend see the classic denim combo pieced together with light-wash items (or, a mix of light and medium wash), Chopra chose an entirely different route, reaching instead for two dark-wash staples that instantly made the casual-leaning pairing look 10 times more refined.

The 36-year-old's high-fashion Canadian Tuxedo consisted of an oversized denim blazer by Fendi that's designed with bold, statement shoulders and features contrasting white seams, a single red stripe down each sleeve, and Fendi logo cuffs. Chopra wore the blazer over a fitted black turtleneck that she tucked into a pair of coordinating, dark jeans.

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Tall black boots and a Goyard Voltigeur pet travel bag (that was presumably carrying the actor's pup, Diana Chopra), rounded out her elevated, wintertime look. Chopra's bright-red lips matched perfectly with the red on her jacket, while her crisp white nails played off of the blazer's white seams. Talk about a harmonious look.

If you're ready to try out the Canadian Tuxedo for yourself but want something that feels a bit more elegant, make like Chopra and reach for dark-wash pieces instead. Ahead, The Zoe Report's favorite jean staples to wear together (or on their own).

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