Prabal Gurung's Stronger In Colour Collection Is Donating 100% Of Proceeds To The Bail Project

by Danielle Naer
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For many brands, 2020 will be the year they "pulled up" to stop racial injustice, both in the fashion industry and beyond — but not for Prabal Gurung. Since founding his namesake brand in 2009, Gurung has been constantly fighting to make the fashion industry a more equal place at every turn, which is now underscored by the revival of a relevant past project. Announced on Jun. 3, Prabal Gurung's "Stronger In Colour" collection is getting a second life, continuing the commitment to diversity and inclusion that's been the brand's lifeblood from the start, selling 100% charitable tees and hoodies for a noble cause.

Available on its site right now, shoppers can choose from two unisex styles, in two shades — a basic tee ($95), or a basic hoodie ($175), in either black or white. In multicolored typeface, each reads "STRONGER IN COLOUR," echoing the longtime ethos of the New York-based womenswear brand. To sweeten the deal, 100% of net proceeds will be donated to The Bail Project, which is presently focused on combatting the mass incarceration disproportionately affecting the Black community.

Right now, there's a disparity between brands who have been posting fervently in accordance with the present moment, and those who were slower to respond. The Nepalese-American designer has, alternatively, been using his near-750,000 following to get messages out around the clock, spread powerful footage of protests and messages of hope. Still, he believes there's more to be done. "We have posted, donated, signed petitions, marched in protests, spoken on panels, and shared important resources - but this didn’t feel like enough. This is just one additional step, and we know there is still more we can do," shared Gurung in an Instagram post this week.

Available now through Jun. 15, shoppers can purchase the tops exclusively on Prabal Gurung's site. To participate in the movement and support the brand's initiative, browse the styles ahead — and, you can shop rest assured that your full contribution is paid forward. And, as the fight continues, some words of encouragement from Gurung's Instagram: "...as we walk through the streets alongside protests, and unified chants for justice are heard around the world, it feels as though we are on the precipice of true change as this movement barrels forward."