This New Launch From PCA SKIN Treats Your Hands Like Your Face

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How to use PCA SKIN's C&E Hand Renewal.

When was the last time you considered putting anything other than lotion on your hands? Even between all the hand washing and sanitizing, leveling up your hand-care routine past the moisturizer stage isn't the norm. (And no, cuticle oils still fall in the moisture category.) This why a new launch like PCA SKIN's C&E Hand Renewal is still unique, even though it makes perfect sense and you'll probably wonder why products like it aren't more common. Formulated with vitamin C, the hand-care formula targets signs of aging — think lines and wrinkles — as well as discoloration and photodamage.

So, it's like a vitamin C serum, but for your hands instead of your face. Launched on the skincare brand's website Sept. 8, the hand treatment isn't exactly as cheap as your run-of-the-mill drugstore lotion; it'll cost you $80 per 1-ounce bottle. But again, this isn't your average lotion at all. PCA SKIN's C&E Hand Renewal takes a page from the C&E playbook, a product family which includes the brand's C&E Advanced and C&E Strength formulas. That means vitamin E is included alongside the skin-brightening vitamin C, the former in the form of tocopherol and the latter as a 10 percent L-ascorbic acid.

Three other notable (and skincare-worthy) ingredients made the formula, as well. The first up is the much-loved retinol alternative, bakuchiol, which has slowly but surely made a name for itself in the beauty industry; this is one of the ingredients that'll help smooth lines and reduce the appearance of skin damage. This is enhanced with hexylresorcinol, which helps even and brighten skin, and chamomile-derived bisabolol, a skin-protector.

All in all, the antioxidant-packed treatment helps give your hands a fighting chance against the environmental stressors they encounter throughout the day, whether that's sunlight, a particularly stripping hand soap, or 10-plus rounds of hand sanitizer. And just in case you weren't totally sold — it can be used in tandem with other products, particularly SPF. (Which yes, you should be applying to your hands, too.)

Shop the new C&E Hand Renewal on PCA SKIN's website, or just click the link below.

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