Patrick Ta Beauty's New Collection Offers A "Grown-Up" Approach To Dewy Skin

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Courtesy of Patrick Ta Beauty
Softening Lip Masque from the Patrick Ta Beauty Major Glow 2.0 collection.
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Since the inaugural Major Glow launch last year, both Patrick Ta (the celebrity makeup artist) and Patrick Ta Beauty (his eponymous makeup brand) have grown. "I've seen so much change happen in the last year for myself mentally and personally and like, just in the way that I even look at makeup now," Ta tells The Zoe Report over Zoom as he walks through the Patrick Ta Beauty Major Glow 2.0 collection, which officially arrives July 24. According to Ta, this new round of products "is like the evolution of that, and now she is more refined, she is chicer. She just looks luxe and expensive. She's grown up."

In other words: "There's less glitter," says Ta. "It's more shine, you just look like your natural self, but more dewy." For a glass-skin look — from head to toe — Patrick Ta created the Major Glow All-Over Glow Balm ($50), Softening Lip Masque ($22), and Dewy Milk Mist ($38). Regardless of where you dot, blend, or swipe on any Major Glow 2.0 product, all three are created with facial-grade ingredients, including the all-over balm.

"The reason why it's so expensive is because this is a face formula that is in a huge jar," Ta explains, holding up one of the balm's two shades (a rose-tinted clear and bronze). "I've been using cream sticks as highlighters, and I was like, I want that for my whole face and for my body." Though rather than go with a classic cream formula, the All-Over Glow Balm is formulated with jojoba seed oil, shea butter esters, and a rice bran emollient, with a lip-balm-like texture you'll want to dip into over and over.

Courtesy of Patrick Ta Beauty

And speaking of lip balm. "I think every founder says ‘I love my stuff,’ but I love this one," Ta says about the Softening Lip Masque, a gently pink, subtly shiny treatment made with vegan lanolin and rosehip oil. "[It has] everything to make the lips look flush and plump, and like anything to reduce the lines when you're applying lipstick. Because when you apply a matte lipstick — Major Headlines! — you want the lipstick to just glide on as easy as possible." For your makeup-free days, you can just wear it out and about as a balm, or pack it on overnight as a deep, lip-softening treatment.

To seal in your glow, finish with the Dewy Milk Mist, a pre- and post-makeup spray with rosehip seed oil, black tea ferment, witch hazel extract — and an ultra-fine mist. Ta says that the brand was supposed to launch the face mist last year, but had difficulties finding the right "chic" metal pump for the top. Still, the wait was worth it: "It's so light, so you can spray way more and have a way more even, glowy look, " Ta notes.

It's impossible to deny that the timing of a skin-enhancing makeup collection is ideal, too, as full-glam looks drift off into the distant past for many. Ta points to "being able to just be in, and wake up and do what I want to do every single day" as a reason his own makeup style has changed. "I'm sure a lot of people feel the exact same way like, 'I don't need to get all dolled up, I don't need to like do all this, I don't need to like put on pounds of makeup.' I wanted this collection to like feel fresh, feel like me."

Below, the new Major Glow 2.0 collection from Patrick Ta Beauty.

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