OUAI Just Dropped A Totally New Line & It’ll Change The Way You Shop For Haircare

Courtesy Of OUAI
Six ouai haircare product bottles

Jen Atkin began her haircare line to help women find an easy solution to their hair problems. "There are so many unique hair concerns and needs out there, and that’s literally why I started OUAI — real products, real styling for real people," Atkin tells The Zoe Report over email. But, the entrepreneur noticed that the brand's old care line — which included its Repair, Volume, Clean, Smooth, and Curl shampoos and conditioners — wasn't as intuitive as it should have been. "It was super problem-solution based, and the issue we learned is that most people have multiple hair concerns." That's where OUAI's new Daily Care line comes into play: The latest launch for the brand aims to make the process of buying shampoo and conditioner simpler.

The line includes three different types of shampoo and conditioner at $28 a bottle: Fine, Medium, and Thick. In the Fine line, ingredients include hemp seed extract and chia seed oil, which aid in adding hydration and volume to hair. And if your hair type falls somewhere in the middle in terms of thickness, the Medium line will help with control. "For Medium we’re using babassu oil and coconut oil to help combat frizz — when we crowdsourced, we learned a lot of the girls out there with medium hair talked about frizz and flyaways, so we listened and delivered," explains Atkin

As for the Thick formula, the brand is test-driving a new ingredient. "For Thick, we’re using one of my new favorite ingredients called marshmallow root, along with shea butter; it’s so so hydrating without weighing down," Atkin continues.

Courtesy Of OUAI

And I can personally attest to the benefits. For the past few weeks, I've been using the Thick Shampoo and Conditioner every three days or so (and spraying the brand's Dry Shampoo on my roots in between washes). After using the duo, my frizzy hair is more tame compared to other products I've tried. I've also never had naturally soft hair, but these products help with that — I definitely feel a difference in texture and see additional shine. Plus, the new launches keep my hair looking clean for days, so I don't have to worry about any unwanted greasiness.

Not sure which line is best suited for your hair type? Atkin has a simple solution to determine: Simply feel a strand of hair in between your fingers. "If your strand is almost invisible and if you can barely feel it, you’re probably Fine," she says. "If you feel a little something between your fingers, I’d say you’re likely Medium. And if you can play tug of war with the strand, you’re most likely Thick."

Courtesy Of OUAI

As with all OUAI products, the Daily Care bottles will be a luxe addition to your shower. The brand decided to change the look of the packaging from its old shampoos and conditioners, opting for shorter, wider, and more vibrantly colored bottles without stickers. Plus, the new packaging is more sustainable. "In addition to the re-design, the bottles are made from 20% post-consumer resin which is more environmentally conscious and friendly and helps reduce the impact on landfills," Atkin explains. "Trying to do our part with sustainability, as a brand we’re super mindful that we have room to grow here, but every little bit counts."

Shop the new Daily Care line, ahead.