Otherland’s Latest Candle Collection Will Fit Right Into Your Chic Holiday Decor

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Otherland's Gilded Holiday Collection features 3 luxe new scents
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Though I have grand dreams of attending swanky holiday parties every year, the reality is most of the season for me is spent in sweatpants snuggled up on my couch. And it's fine, really — putting on a pretty dress and leaving the house when temperatures are below 30 degrees is never as fun as it seems anyway. But sometimes, it's just nice to experience the glitz and glamour that the holidays bring, even if it's not by way of a champagne-filled get together. This year, that's where Otherland's new Gilded Holiday Collection comes in.

Inspired by Otherland founder and CEO Abigail Cook Stone’s childhood memories of a shimmering holiday party, the luxury candle brand's most recent launch channels swanky soirées and extravagant dinner parties in both scent and aesthetics. Or, as a press email from the brand more aptly explains: "Gilded Holiday is an escape to a land of late-night dancing and impossibly strong hot toddies, a Rihanna sighting and a big band playing Cardi B."

They look nothing like the Otherland candles you know and love, though. Each $36 candle in the Gilded Holiday collection is housed in a limited-edition black tumbler that looks like it was inspired by a Gatsby-themed party, so you won't find any brightly colored pastel jars here.

The scents, however, are characteristically unique. Though the collection does kick off with the floral Black Velvet candle, which is a romantic mixture of alpine violet, iris woods, and midnight jasmine, it's rounded out by the more unexpected fragrances of Fallen Fir and Old Fashioned, which combine notes like balsam fir with musk, and worn leather with dried fruit.

Of course, each candle comes with a cool visual representation of those scents as well, which you may want to take into consideration when you're choosing which one to buy — Black Velvet's design is perfect for those with classic style, while Fallen Fir looks like it's made for a party in a cabin, and Old Fashioned belongs in the middle of a fancy dinner table.

Of course, you could just snag all of them with the $89 three-pack, which no one would blame you for doing. Whatever you decide on, it's sure to add a little glamour to your holidays — no party needed.

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