This Insta-Famous Candle Brand Just Added 3 Totally New Scents To Its Fall Collection

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Courtesy of Otherland
Otherland's fall Manor House Weekend collection features six seasonal scents
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Maybe it's the fact that the "Age of Bathfluence" is upon us (according to The New Yorker), or because you can't scroll through Instagram without seeing a vanity covered in empty Diptyque jars, but candles are having a *moment.* So it makes sense that luxury candle brand Otherland would explode onto the scene — its pretty, artistic vessels fit right into the millennial pink interiors of today. And though the brand's popular Core Collection could be considered understated — each candle comes in a white jar with a single blob of color — its Manor House Weekend Collection is practically made to stand out on a feed, pretty much ensuring it's a must-have for fall.

Plus, the scents in this seasonal collection are as cozy as they are unexpected. Though it's certainly fall-themed, you won't find any pumpkin spice notes here. Instead, it plays right into its name (it's called the Manor House Weekend Collection, after all), with $36 scents like Tapestry, which combines burnt maple, smoky oud, and vetiver, that are designed to bring back memories of cozy fall weekends spent indoors and out.

The collection also just brought three totally new scents to the brand's candle selection — Mountain Lace, Dappled Wood, and Crisp Cornflower — which are equally as seasonal and unique. As one Instagram post from Otherland explained, "Mountain Lace transports you to a chalet (with a cocktail in hand!)" — aka it's the perfect scent to get the party started.

For a cozier mood, burn Dappled Wood on nights in; it combines notes of sandalwood, toasted walnut, and sweet hay to bring you the perfect snuggling vibes. And if you're looking to infuse those last moments of fall air into your home, opt for Crisp Cornflower, which is a sweet mixture of corn silk, golden husk, and water lily that'll keep the fall nostalgia alive well into winter. (Pro tip: You can also buy the Autumn Harvest 3-Pack for $89 to get all the new scents if you can't decide on just one, or just build your own three-pack of any scents of your choosing).

Ahead, shop your favorite (or all six) candles from Otherland's fall Manor House Weekend Collection — including three totally new scents.

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