Finally, A Mud Mask That Doesn't Completely Dry You Out


Is there anything more stereotypically spa-like than mud masks? Even applying one while you're sitting around the house in the middle of winter can whisk you away mentally (cucumber slices optional). However, finding the middle ground between clear skin and hydrated skin's always a balancing act — especially when it comes to powerful, but oftentimes drying treatments like mud masks. Orveda's new Deep-Clearing Mud Masque gets it, though; the brand gave the classic facial-in-a-jar treatment a makeover, unveiling an updated mud mask that's as hydrating as it is cleansing. Finally.

The $105 Deep-Clearing Mud Masque's exclusively available on Orveda's website starting early March, or you can wait around until April to snag a jar from Saks Fifth Avenue. You don't just get the mask, too; it's accompanied by a professional-grade flat brush made from cruelty-free and charcoal-treated bristles. Orveda also notes that the brush is "micro-massaging", which sounds like an additional bonus feature.

Just like any mud masks you've used in the past, you paint on Orveda's Mud Masque using the handy included brush. While it dries, the mask's green bentonite clay binds to bad bacteria or impurities on the surface of your skin and within pores, taking them with it when you wash off the mask. Simple, right?

Courtesy of Orveda

Not so fast. The mask contains nine active ingredients concentrated at an impressive 28 percent. While it's cleansing your skin, the mask's hydrating ingredients — moringa seed extract, botanical glycerin, and the natural prebiotic kombucha, just to name a few — will be working to soften and moisturize your face; not to mention papaya enzymes will be providing a gentle exfoliation. So, when you rinse the Mud Masque off, your skin will be cleansed, refreshed, and hydrated. It's a win-win-win.

And, in case you were wondering if you had to leave on the mask forever to get all the results: you don't. You only need to leave the Deep-Clearing Mud Masque on for five minutes, and apply it once per week. Thanks to all the ingredients, the mask works quickly and efficiently.

Go ahead and browse Orveda's other luxury vegan skin care products if this mask sounds like just the product your routine was missing; others are just as impressive as the new mask. But don't forget to keep scrolling, too — the Deep-Clearing Mud Masque is ahead.