ORLY’s Latest Nail Polish Collection Will Convince You To Go Glam With Your Manis For Spring

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Courtesy of ORLY
Orly's new State of Mind line features a lot of pink and red shades.
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If you've recently catalogued your nail polish collection and are feeling super uninspired by your options, there's a new launch on the block that doesn't adhere to the classic spring pastels that you might be sick of by now. In fact, the colors featured in ORLY's new State of Mind collection are almost the opposite. Launched in April 2020, the line has six new saturated shades, each $9.99, that are categorized under ORLY's Breathable Treatment + Color collection.

While you might be used to painting on a sky blue come springtime, these new colors give you an excuse to create a more glamorous mani in the middle of tulip and baby bunny season. In fact, it's rather hard to look at the new polishes without commenting on the colors ORLY chose. The line includes reds and pinks in both matte and shimmer finishes as well as a metallic rusty orange and taupe. These shades are a 180 from the pastels and bright hues that normally appear in spring and summer and are more closely related to the colors usually stapled to Valentine's Day and Christmas.

While the colors might not be the first ones that spring to mind for these next two seasons, names like Cherry Bomb, Peaches and Dreams, and Golden Girl are where the summer feelings start getting evoked. But pretty colors aside, this line also simplifies the process of getting a red carpet-ready mani and makes it healthier.

It's not hidden knowledge that a lot of nail polishes are bad for your nails (formaldehyde, anyone?), but to be honest, it's also difficult finding healthier polishes that last for more than a couple days. These new shades from ORLY fall under its Breathable Treatment + Color line, which is free of 13 common toxic ingredients often found in regular nail polishes, and includes argan oil and vitamins B5 and C to boost your nail health. Despite the nail benefits, if a DIY mani still sounds too demanding, you might be tempted by the fact that you don't need to apply a base or top coat with these polishes, either.

Below, get a little glam color inspo and see a few of the recently launched shades.

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