These Are The Nail Polish Shades Olive & June Fans Can’t Get Enough Of

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Courtesy of Olive & June
HZ is one of Olive & June's best-selling nail polish shades
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If your manicure has been the same color the last few months and you can't remember the last time your toes received a polish change, this is your sign. There are far too many colors to ever fall into a rut with manis and pedis and if you need a new array of shades, who better to turn to than one of the trendiest brands on the market: Olive & June. The line has more than 30 beloved colors in its collection, but it's the best-selling Olive & June nail polish shades that you should start with, since they've clearly earned a spot on the go-to list of many others.

And no, the fan-favorite colors aren't expected, per se, but after seeing the shades, it makes perfect sense why each one has a place on its list. While different hues are always coming and going in terms of what's "in," these will never let you down, no matter the season or occasion. Take inventory and see the colors you need to stock up on, ahead.

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Best-Selling Olive & June Shade: GH

Olive & June

It's easy to see why this light ballet slipper pink ranks so highly. The opaque shade is versatile, elegant, and works perfectly for both an everyday look and a special occasion.

Best-Selling Olive & June Shade: Grateful & Kind

Courtesy of Olive & June

Pink is slowly but surely becoming an ultra trendy color again. This shade from the brand isn't too whimsical, but isn't as startling as a highlighter shade — making it the ideal in-between pink.

Best-Selling Olive & June Shade: KMC

Courtesy of Olive & June

Mint is one color minimalists would be happy to consider a neutral. Its quiet hue makes for a mani that's simple and chic, but a step above a classic pink or beige — KMC being an exemplary version of this.

Best-Selling Olive & June Shade: CV

Courtesy of Olive & June

You can't have a perfect nail polish collection if you don't have a classic red. What makes Olive & June's CV shade so stunning is that it's a slightly subdued version — like if you were to put a VSCO filter over an apple.

Best-Selling Olive & June Shade: Bold & Unshaken

Courtesy of Olive & June

Purple isn't for the faint of heart, but this gentle-yet-bright variation is on the top 10 list for a reason. It toes the line between a pastel and a primary-like color, making it a suitable shade for those in search of a chromatic manicure.

Best-Selling Olive & June Shade: Honest & True

Courtesy of Olive & June

You can never go wrong with sky blue as it strikes the perfect balance between calming and invigorating. It looks great on everyone (seriously), and works during every season. To be honest, the color is so good you may as well paint a pedicure to match.

Best-Selling Olive & June Shade: HD

Olive & June

When you're stuck in a rut trying to decide on a color, selecting a bright white will always be a good idea. It's fresh, clean, and — although simple — far from boring.

Best-Selling Olive & June Shade: Fierce & Loving

Courtesy of Olive & June

Bored of pink, but not ready to cross over to a brand new hue? It might be time to embrace lilac as your main squeeze. An equal blend of pink and purple, this hue makes a fun and glamorous statement.

Best-Selling Olive & June Shade: Wild & Free

Courtesy of Olive & June

Coral is here and here to stay. While it skyrocketed in popularity in 2019, it has held its ground ever since. It takes away the fancy and frilly connotations that usually come with pink and spices things up thanks to a nice dose of orange.

Best-Selling Olive & June Shade: HZ

Pale pink is the essence of a French manicure, it's the base coat of many nail designs, and it's found in nearly everyone's collection. If you happen to be missing this staple, Olive & June's HZ is a must.

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