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Nordstrom Rack’s Clearance Has All-Clad For 50 Percent Off, Including A 10-Piece Set


There are a few not-so-well kept secrets that the style-set keeps in mind when looking for great shopping deals. One of them is Nordstrom Rack. You've probably nabbed your fair share of discounted designer denim and saved on stylish shoes at the off-price division of the department store, but did you know it's also a prime place to update your kitchen? Currently, Nordstrom Rack's clearance is packed with high-end pots and pans at super low prices — so you should probably shop now if you want to save big.

Nordstrom Rack is where you go when you want to scout out the brands you love to shop at Nordstrom at a much lower price. Well, the clearance section of the Rack cuts the prices even further, so you can only imagine the savings that are up for grabs. That's really good news if you're in the market for a new set of expensive pots and pans, because there's plenty of All-Clad pieces at incredibly low prices in Nordstrom Rack's Cookware & Bakeware clearance section.

Snag a new four quart Soup Pot, down to just $155 on clearance, or eight quart Stock Pot, reduced to $234.98, to cook up enough comforting foods to get you through the last stretch of of winter. And replace your well-used frying pans with a fresh new All-Clad pair — a 12-inch pan at $114.98 and an eight-inch version down to just $72.48 — so you can prep and cook veggies, meats, and more like a total pro.


Need a total cookware overhaul? The clearance section also has a whopping ten-piece All-Clad set, originally priced pretty high at $899.97, now down to just $449.98. For those keeping score at home, that's a full 50 percent off the starting price, which is a discount that doesn't come around too often (and likely won't last for very long).

The set includes two differently sized fry pans, four saucepans, a large sauté pan, and an eight-quart stock pot, plus lids. And each piece is constructed with a hard-anodized exterior bonded with a stainless-steel interior, to ensure quick and even heat distribution. That'll mean well-cooked meals and easy clean-up — which is essential when entertaining and effortlessly pulling off a perfect dinner party.

Below, scroll to see the best All-Clad pieces to score from Nordstrom Rack's clearance section, and get ready to totally upgrade your kitchen game.

All-Clad LTD3304 4qt. Soup Pot



Nordstrom Rack

Soups are on the menu until winter's officially over — so snag this pot to prep some delicious ones.

All-Clad LTD 10-Piece Set



Nordstrom Rack

Totally update your cookware collection with this 10-piece set, so you can finally get rid of the old pots and pans you've had since graduating college.

All-Clad LTD3112 12" Fry Pan



Nordstrom Rack

A generously-sized fry pan is a fixture in any kitchen to cook family meals.

All-Clad LTD3406 6qt. Saute Pan



Nordstrom Rack

Sauté pans are perfect for cooking just about anything — from meats to veggies. This one is big enough to meal prep in.

All-Clad LTD3108 8" Fry Pan



Nordstrom Rack

Ideally sized for cooking up breakfast for one, this stainless-steel pan heats up quickly and evenly.

All-Clad LTD3508 8qt. Stock Pot



Nordstrom Rack

A large stock pot is perfect for slow-cooking stews or soups to save, or for cooking for large groups of friends.

All-Clad LTD3203 3qt. Sauce Pan



Nordstrom Rack

Sauce pans are must-haves not just for crafting sauces for savory meals — they're also useful when baking recipes require melting down chocolate. Since this one heats evenly, you'll always end up with properly cooked sauces.