How New Brand NETTE Is Taking Steps Toward A Cleaner Candle

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New brand NETTE is launching a line of clean, sustainable candles
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Ever find yourself searching for just the right product and dreaming about making it yourself? With new candle brand NETTE, that's exactly what founder Carol Han Pyle did. "Over the past couple of years, I watched the beauty industry transform and focus on clean ingredients and sustainable practices, and it was so exciting to me, but I felt like that whole movement was really missing from the candle industry," she tells The Zoe Report in an email. "I couldn’t find a super personal brand out there that did things well on all levels — sustainable practices, super chic handmade glass, clean and natural ingredients with full transparency, organic cotton wicks."

Which is exactly why NETTE, launched by the former fashion and beauty editor on Dec. 18, is hyper-focused on clean ingredients and sustainable practices. The new label's candles, each $68, feature a non-toxic, coconut-soy wax blend, fragrances with zero synthetic ingredients, wicks made from 100 percent certified organic cotton, and a very long list of banned ingredients you won't find anywhere in its products, all bundled up in eco-friendly packaging made with recycled shoe boxes and vegetable-based ink. And the simple, colorful vessels each candle comes in aren't just beautiful — they're handmade in Italy by a family-owned company, exactly how Pyle wanted them to be.

With such a thoughtful product, it'll come as no shock to you that just as much work went into making the scents great, too. "For the four launch fragrances, I worked with the master perfumers at our fragrance house, Robertet, to develop scents made of 100 percent natural ingredients that represented the types of fragrances I love most." From that partnership came its four core scents: Supernatural, Spring 1998, Another Life, and Laide Tomate.

Though unplanned, the combination sort of makes up a year's worth of scents. "Spring 1998 is a super intoxicating fresh white floral, Another Life is a sophisticated vanilla with a touch of cocoa and cedar wood, Supernatural is a true winter candle full of beautiful woods and resins, and Laide Tomate is like summer in a glass — tomato vines and cucumbers and sunshine," explains Pyle. "I guess I ended up covering the four seasons, although that wasn’t a conscious intention going into it!"

Because the brand considered the entire experience of burning a candle, it's also introducing the Take Good Care Set alongside the new launches, which will include the NETTE candle of your choice, a matching silk charmeuse scrunchie made in collaboration with CFDA-nominated milliner Gigi Burris, and an ultra-chic lighter made by Tsubota Pearl in Tokyo. So when it's time to relax, you'll have, as the brand explains, all "the most crucial steps" in your self-care ritual.

All four of NETTE's new candles will be available on NetteNyc.com starting Dec. 18, or, keep scrolling to shop the just-launched scents ahead.

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