Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

Net-A-Porter’s International Women’s Day Capsule Features Female-Designed Tees That Benefit An Important Cause


While it's certainly warranted to celebrate all the wonderful women around you (including yourself) on the daily, it's still pretty cool that there's a day that officially recognizes the powerful ladies all over the world. It's a great moment to reflect on the impact that hardworking women have had on your life, and to lift them all up in a moment of celebration. And here to help do that is Net-A-Porter's International Women's Day capsule, a collection of female-designed t-shirts so chic — and charitable — you'll want to sport them long after this special day has passed.

International Women's day officially falls on March 8 in 2019, and this year marks the second year that Net-a-Porter has launched a capsule collection of limited-edition t-shirts, all six of which were created by female designers to celebrate the day. This time around, the shirts have been designed by Isabel Marant, Rosie Assoulin, Alexa Chung, Perfect Moment, Victoria Beckham, and Ellery, and all sale profits go towards Women for Women International — a non-profit that's dedicated to helping women who live in war-torn countries by educating them on their rights, health, and vocational skills.

"Each t-shirt in this collection sends a powerful message of support, sisterhood and solidarity," Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Executive Director of Women for Women International – UK said in a press release. "Through this campaign and the vital funds raised, Net-a-Porter, along with six inspiring female designers, are helping to transform the lives not only of the women we work with but also their entire communities."

Obviously, that's as good a reason as any to scoop up one (or more) of the empowering shirts — but it doesn't hurt that they're also incredibly chic, and already being spotted on lots of proud female figures, like Gisele Bündchen, Nicole Kidman, Angela Bassett, Lucy Liu, Gina Torres, and more.

Each of the shirts offers up the female designers' interpretations of what women's empowerment really means — from Isabel Marant's bold, positive slogan tee, $140, that reads You Go Girl! to Alexa Chung's chic reminder, $130, that the female essence should be celebrated as sacred. Angela Basset chose Perfect Moment's vibrant shirt, $170, which celebrates strong women from every single walk of life by way of a rainbow star replacing the "o" in Power.

Keep scrolling to shop the six empowering shirts in honor of International Women's Day — but hurry, some of the styles (like Beckham's sisterhood-supporting shirt) are already selling out, so snag your favorite one before it's gone.

ALEXACHUNG International Women's Day flocked cotton-jersey T-shirt



Get in tune with your innate femininity with this soft jersey cotton shirt, emblazoned with the words Divine Feminine in red velvet lettering.

Isabel Marant International Women's Day printed cotton-jersey T-shirt



Encourage others — and yourself — with Isabel Marant's simple, but impactful slogan tee.

Perfect Moment International Women's Day printed cotton-jersey T-shirt



Perfect Moment's soft tee reminds the wearer that every woman, from every background, is powerful and capable of great things.

Rosie Assoulin International Women's Day printed cotton-jersey T-shirt



This computer-code chic shirt actually translates to Happy International Women's Day in binary code — and the contrasting red numbers resemble a heart, reminding everyone to love a little more.

Ellery International Women's Day printed cotton-jersey T-shirt



Reinforce your belief that the Future is Female with this graphic tee, featuring a bold black-and-white unicorn design on the back.

Victoria Beckham International Women's Day printed cotton-jersey T-shirt



Victoria Beckham's version of the shirt includes a chic handwritten note, reminded every woman that they are part of a worldwide community of empowered women. The shirt has a relaxed fit, ideal for wearing with anything from boyfriend denim to sleek trousers.