Instagram’s Favorite Body-Wash Brand Now Has A Deodorant (& It Smells Just As Good)

Nécessaire / Instagram
Necessaire’s new deodorant The Deodorant

Choosing a deodorant these days isn't what is once was, when you'd simply head to the drugstore and pick up something that could defeat the stink. You still have to think about what texture and scent work best for you, but increasingly, what ingredients are actually being used to fight off body odor, too. If you've been looking to leave behind the traditional drugstore options, Nécessaire's new launch, The Deodorant, might be your next purchase — not only because of its ingredients, but its obsession-worthy smell, too.

The minimalist body-care brand revolving around self care, Nécessaire, was created by Into the Gloss co-founder Nick Axelrod and former Estée Lauder Companies executive Randi Christiansen in 2018. Since then, it's become an Instagram-favorite brand due to its sleek packaging (with *very* simple names), and products that do their job without all the fuss.

That especially rings true for the brand's newest product, The Deodorant, which launched on Feb. 25 for $20. Unlike traditional deodorants, Nécessaire's is formulated without pore-clogging and pesky ingredients like aluminum, baking soda, synthetic fragrance, and parabens. So, how does it keep you B.O. free? A mixture of minerals like silica, zinc, and kaolin clay work to keep you dry while lactic and mandelic acid neutralize odor. Swipe on the cream-textured formula in the morning and you'll be smelling fresh all day long.

But, not just any ordinary freshness; fresh as in, walking around exuding the brand's fan-favorite, pure essential oil scent, eucalyptus. If you're not familiar with the aroma, it's one of the three offered from beloved product, The Body Wash — and many have described the eucalyptus version as subtle, beautiful, and optimal for sensitive skin in reviews.

As good as the fan-favorite scent may be, sometimes skin and fragrance just do not get along. And if that sounds like you, don't turn away just yet, because according to an Instagram comment from the brand, a fragrance-free version is in the works as well.

Until then, you can shop the eucalyptus-scented deodorant right now, exclusively on Nécessaire's website. Keep scrolling for a closer look at the Insta-worthy product below.