This $8 Tool From Amazon Makes My Long & Thick Hair Look *So* Good


When the fact that I wash my hair once a week comes up in casual conversation there are two reactions: horror and envious disbelief. It's a slow change physically, and it requires overcoming old perceptions of what "clean" means. At first I was rinsing my hair with apple cider vinegar, taking cold showers, and dousing my thick locks with dry shampoo the minute I started to get the slightest gleam at my roots. Needless to say — I was doing more harm than good. Now I've found a lazy-girl routine for thick hair that works for me and I'm proud to share with others just starting on their own journeys to well, do less.

Over the years, I've found that the simpler I've made my routine, the healthier my hair has become. That's not to say I'm ready to take the leap to stop shampooing and conditioning all together (I have a friend who only lathers his hair twice a year... how?), but stretching it to 10 days has been accomplished semi-successfully. My hair is super thick and fine which makes it easy to manage, but also means it can get flat at the roots when I've gone a few days into my wash cycle. For any woman attempting to wrangle hair that grazes the bra strap or even belly button (I'm currently somewhere in between), part of the appeal of drawing out the days between washes is that frankly, managing wet long hair sucks. Personally, I prefer not to blow-dry, — to protect my color-treated hair which can get dry, and just because it can take way too long! — but that means each time I don't tuck my hair into a bun before I hop in the shower, I'm committing to five or more hours with damp locks.

If working out a few times a week has been a deterrent for you to make the leap, I'll also add that I've come to learn that a sweaty scalp doesn't have to mean it's dirty or gross. I generally jog or do little at home workouts a few times a week and while I may not want to run my hands through my hair for an hour after, I've found that once it dries, it's no big deal. For me, the challenge hasn't so much been my actual hair as it has been adjusting my idea of what dirty or clean hair actually means. Washing every day can strip healthy oils from your hair so especially those with drier skin should consider holding off as long as possible. And while I'd possibly suggest starting with every third day, getting used to it, and adding an additional day every few weeks, I'm sharing my go-to products to help you through the process.

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Best Lazy-Girl Products For Thick Hair: Hair Oil

I've learned to keep styling products to a minimum, but one I swear by is this simple hair oil. It's thick enough that it doesn't leave my hair slimy or greasy, but it can help ends from getting too dry between washes.

Best Lazy-Girl Products For Thick Hair: Overnight Serum

The night before I wash my hair, I try to remember to put in an overnight serum. This one absorbs so well it never leaves my pillow feeling greasy, but it makes my hair so soft.

Best Lazy-Girl Products For Thick Hair: Olaplex

If you color treat your hair like I do, Olaplex is a lifesaver. I tend to use it once or twice a month just to ensure that my hair isn't breaking or getting too brittle

Best Lazy-Girl Products For Thick Hair: Simple Comb

To keep my hair in check, I use this simple comb when my hair is dry. With long hair, I find combing it in the shower can lead to breakage, so I try to stick with keeping any brushing to a minimum and being gentle when I use the comb.

Best Lazy-Girl Products For Thick Hair: Dry Shampoo

I try to avoid dry shampoo as much as possible since I find that it tends to cause buildup which can irritate my scalp. When it's an absolute necessity — like when I'm in a hurry after a workout — this is the only one I'll use.

Best Lazy-Girl Products For Thick Hair: Shampoo / Conditioner

When your hair care routine is simple, finding a shampoo and conditioner that really works for you is a must. Evo's range of products are simple but do the trick.

Best Lazy-Girl Products For Thick Hair: A Day Styling Cream

When it's close to wash day and you're feeling like your hair looks flat, one solution is to use a styling cream to sweep it back in to braids or a ponytail. I love this cream because it's hydrating and smoothing.

Best Lazy-Girl Products For Thick Hair: Deep Conditioner

For thick hair, especially if yours tends towards the dry side, I highly recommend using a deep conditioner occasionally. While roots tend to get greasier the longer you go between washes, I find that ends can get dry and brittle — and this always helps.

Best Lazy-Girl Products For Thick Hair: Scrunchie

Since I shower most days, a good quality scrunchie is a must. It won't damage or kink your hair when you throw it in a bun, and it won't fall out while you rinse.

Best Lazy-Girl Products For Thick Hair: Hair Massager

If you want to make extra sure you're getting shampoo and conditioner all the way to your scalp, this simple tool from Amazon makes it so easy.