Cindy Bruna’s Multi-Masking Routine Is Actually Genius

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Taking a leisurely walk in model Cindy Bruna's shoes would lead you to high-fashion runways, star-studded parties, and countless red carpets. But these days, like everyone else, she's spending more time at home, discovering new skills, and face-masking her life away. I got to hear all about it during our phone interview in mid-Oct. when she spilled all the beans about her time in quarantine and her exciting new partnership with beauty powerhouse L'Oréal Paris.

Serving as the L’Oréal Paris backstage correspondent of Paris Fashion Week, Bruna recapped the exciting beauty moments of the iconic shows from the comfort of her own home. She says the collaboration is long in the making. "L'Oréal really knows what we need as beauty lovers," she tells TZR. "They understand that we're all unique and we all have different desires. That's why, you can find anything for any hair type, skin type, makeup skillset, you name it."

However, she says even more important than the vast selection, is the brand's overall mission. "I love the fact that they always encourage women to feel confident and empowered to support one another," she says. "When we think about the tagline, 'I'm worth it,' everything they do truly encompasses that. It's all about embracing who you are, but also others. We're all worth it." It's why, for the past three years, she's been working with L'Oréal's charity program Stand Up, which helps fight violence against women, equipping both men and women with tips on how to take action if they witness or experience street harassment. "Everything about the brand aligns perfectly with what I believe and what I want to fight for," she says. "So it's an honor for me to join the family."

Ahead, check out more about her uber-simple skin care and makeup routines, and why she's not yet satisfied with the diversity in the industry.

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Model Cindy Bruna On Being A Late Bloomer To Beauty

"Growing up, I didn't know much about beauty," she says. "So I always gravitated more towards self-care." She says it wasn't until she broke into modeling that she became passionate about the industry. "Between meetings, makeup artists, and hair appointments, I got to know more about beauty which taught me so much." She says exploring the seemingly new world instilled in her the importance that cosmetics plays in confidence. "When I think about makeup, it's not about changing your face," she says. "It's about highlighting your best features and feeling like the best version of yourself in that moment. Beauty changes your mood."

Model Cindy Bruna On Her Tips To Flawless Skin

"I usually start the day with a clay mask," she says. "I use it on my T-zone and then I combine it with a hydrating mask from Biologique Recherche on my cheeks. During that time, I usually scrub my lips or find something to occupy my time for about 20 minutes. I then moisturize, and that's about it." She says her skin care routine, however, is not complete without one handy dandy tool. "I can't live without my face roller," she says. "I roll in the morning and it helps to decrease the puffiness and gets the blood circulation going. That's my real secret."

Model Cindy Bruna On Her Go-To Makeup Look

For the most part, Bruna keeps it simple when it comes to makeup. "I'm very much about mascara," she says. "I feel like even if I don't do much else, you'll still catch me wearing mascara. And on occasion, I'll use a little bit of concealer. I'm not big on heavy foundation so fresh skin, maybe a little blush, and light balm, and I'm out the door.

However, these days in quarantine, she's learned how to spice it up a bit. Most recently, she joined makeup great Val Garland, who has keyed shows at Giorgio Armani and Alexander McQueen, for live social media tutorials. "It was so much fun and I learned to make some really beautiful looks," she says. "Val was teaching me some of her tricks and it was just so cool, who knew I could be a makeup girl? The last tutorial we did I learned how to do a copper smokey look. I can't wait to do more."

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