Milk Makeup's Cult-Favorite KUSH Collection Just Got Even Bigger

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Courtesy of Milk Makeup
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Though you may not have noticed it amongst the mascaras, brow gels, and lip colors, there was something missing from Milk Makeup's KUSH collection. Sure, the collection's cannabis seed extract-infused cosmetics are nourishing, but the makeup products' formulas primarily function as, well, makeup. That's where Milk Makeup's new KUSH Growhouse Lash + Brow Serum steps in, though. Released July 26 on Milk Makeup's website, the Growhouse serum is for anyone who wants to lengthen their lashes or bulk up their brows before swiping on any mascara or brow gel. And you won't be left pondering if the $48 serum was worth it, either — Milk Makeup believes in its new product so much that the brand has extended its return policy, just for the Growhouse serum.

Here's how it works: The Growhouse serum is made from a 94-percent natural formula, which is spiked with hemp-derived cannabis seed extract, aloe leaf juice, vitamin B5, and the high-protein superfood quinoa. And no, the cannabis extract is non-psychoactive, so it won't get you high through your lashes; instead, you get all the conditioning and moisturizing benefits of the plant-based ingredient.

It's also important to note what Milk Makeup left out of the formula. The vegan and cruelty-free serum is made without parabens, silicones, fragrances, steroids, or prostaglandin (a hair growth serum ingredient with potentially unwanted side effects).

Courtesy of Milk Makeup

There isn't anything complicated about how you use the Growhouse serum, too. It comes packaged in a traditional tube, with a slender brush to trace the formula along your lash line or stripe it over your brows. According to Milk Makeup, shoppers will start seeing results after using the serum for 4 weeks, and see "full payoff" at the 12-week mark.

Courtesy of Milk Makeup

And if for some reason you aren't in love with your Growhouse serum? That's OK. Milk Makeup notes in the product description that it's extended its return policy for the serum to a whopping 120 days — which is well past that 12-week timeline.

However, all signs point to this serum being yet another home run for Milk Makeup's KUSH collection. Especially if you consider the 12-week consumer perception study the brand included on its website, where 94 percent of people noted their lashes looked healthier after using the serum. To test out the new serum for yourself, grab it from Milk Makeup's website below, Sephora's website, or in-store at Sephora locations starting Aug. 9.

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