Megababe Just Re-Stocked Its Sold-Out Hand Sanitizer — *And* Launched A Larger Version

Courtesy of Megababe
Megababe's Squeaky Clean hand sanitizer is back in stock

Even though hand sanitizer in general is in high demand right now due to the coronavirus, you know a product is good when it sells out twice within three weeks. And after being MIA since the second sell-out on March 23, Megababe's Squeaky Clean hand sanitizer is back in stock — along with a brand-new bottle eight times the size.

When it comes to getting the job done, Squeaky Clean hand sanitizer is FDA-approved to kill 99.9 percent of germs. But that's not the only — or most beloved — reason it garnered 15,000+ people to sign up for a waitlist. Rather, it's all the other things Squeaky Clean offers: an entirely vegan formula, ethyl alcohol (which makes up over 60 percent of the product as per CDC recommendations), and rehydrating ingredients — like marula oil, sweet almond oil, and aloe — to make sure hands aren't left stripped and dry. And to top it off, orange and bergamot oil replace any alcohol smell with a fresh, citrus-y one.

But possibly better than all of that, even with the unforeseen sky rocket in demand (ICYMI: the product first launched in January), Megababe is keeping the 2-ounce bottle at an affordable $6. And *just* when you thought it truly couldn't get any better, on April 6 the brand announced Squeaky Clean's bigger brother: a 16-ounce pump bottle for $18. As exciting as it is, keep in mind while the smaller version ships internationally, due to restrictions, the 16-ounce bottle only ships within the United States.

Aside from making a few dreams come true with a larger size and restock, Megababe is also sending out free product for those in need. "If you or a loved one don’t have access to hand sanitizer and have compromised health or a job that requires being out and about, we want to set you up!" reads the caption from an IGTV post from the brand. "Comment your story below [in the linked IGTV] and keep an eye on your DM’s. We’ll get your addresses and place those orders ASAP, free of charge! 💛💛"

Since the product is in such high demand, Megababe has limited three large and two small bottles per purchase to make sure there's enough to go around. There's no telling how long this restock will last so, grab yours from Megababe's website ASAP. Below, the Squeaky Clean hand sanitizer in its 2-ounce and 16-ounce forms.

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