Margot Robbie Debuted The Boldest Eyeshadow At The 'Birds Of Prey' World Premiere

Margot Robbie wore glitter eyeshadow to the 'Birds of Prey' world premiere

Playing punky supervillain Harley Quinn seems to have opened up a whole new world of fashion possibilities for this Aussie. She scarcely leaves the house anymore without working a bit of Suicide Squad into her look. This time it was glitter eyeshadow that gave Margot Robbie's Birds of Prey world premiere ensemble a campy twist.

There's a fine line between couture and costume and Robbie is riding it beautifully. Her latest red-carpet looks have been noticeably influenced by the colorful comic book character she plays in Birds of Prey. First, it was a neon-pink smoky eye at Jan. 23's Hollywood (or "Harleywood," rather) premiere; now, it's her glitter lids at the London world premiere.

Robbie's look at Weds.'s event consisted of a feathery two piece from Dries Van Noten's Spring/Summer 2020 lineup and neon-pink opera gloves. The beauty standout was, of course, her electric-yellow lids, courtesy of makeup artist Pati Dubroff.

Dubroff Instagrammed a ridiculously enviable palette of two dozen glitters after creating Robbie's sparkly makeup look. She also posted several close-ups of the actor, herself, pre-red carpet, captioning it "play time." And this isn't the first time Dubroff has "played" around with Robbie's look of late.

A week prior, the actor's fuchsia lids were a topic of conversation. She continues to take beauty cues from Quinn, whose Joker-style makeup is as campy as it gets. Fortunately, Robbie hasn't debuted pink-and-blue pigtails in real life, nor has she inked a heart tattoo on her cheek just yet. The aesthetic she's been sporting is, rather, an expression of today's trends taken to the extreme.

Neon eyeshadow? In. Glitter lids? Very 2020. Now, channel your inner supervillain and give your eyes a pop of yellow shimmer with these Margot Robbie-approved glitter eyeshadows, ahead.