Mandy Moore Just Gave This Buzzy Decor Trend Her Stamp Of Approval

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Sometimes, a trend is so good, it transitions from runways and closets straight into homes, becoming an Instagram staple and practically ubiquitous in every kind of store. In 2020, that trend was checkerboard print. The pattern was basically the new gingham, showing up on everything from clothing to rugs, and every influencer, celebrity, and insider seemed to own at least one piece (but usually many) featuring the print. That doesn't seem to be changing any time soon either — just look at Mandy Moore's checkerboard print rug for proof.

The This Is Us star took to Instagram over the weekend to joke about the holiday decorations in her 1950s home ("And yes, we have [not] decorated our tree yet," she captioned the story), but luckily for Moore, it's likely no one even noticed thanks to the large brown-and-white rug covering her floor. Up against a velvet blue chair and a room full of pink curtains, it was an eye-catching addition that will undoubtedly convince anyone who's on the fence about the trend that 2021 will be the year to adopt it.

That doesn't mean, though, that you have to go with such a statement-making piece as Moore. Thanks to checkerboard's growing popularity, there are endless ways to incorporate the punchy pattern; a throw blanket or pillow, for example, will allow you to add small pops without committing in a big way.

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But if you do want to emulate Moore's living room, then get ready to go bold in all aspects. The 36-year-old didn't just stop at a graphic print covering her floors, but decided to pair it with colorful furniture and textiles that popped against the checkerboard pattern and proved that there's no such thing as "too much" when it comes to this trend.

Ready to try your hand at checkerboard print in 2021? The Zoe Report rounded up a few pieces featuring the chess-inspired pattern to get you started, ahead.

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