How To Use Lawless Beauty’s New Priming Serum, The Multitasking Product Your Routine Is Missing

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Courtesy of Lawless Beauty
Lawless Beauty's new serum works to hydrate and prime your skin, and keep your makeup on.
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Skincare product burnout is a thing, and if you have more serums than you know what to do with, it might be time for a break. Someone who resonates with that product overwhelm is Annie Lawless, founder of Lawless Beauty, who in turn wanted to create a product that cuts out the fluff from your routine and simplifies the journey from your face wash to your foundation. Which is how the newest launch from the brand — the Lawless Beauty Set The Stage Hydrating Priming Serum — came to be.

Available on Sephora.com and Lawlessbeauty.com, you now can scoop up the new primer for $48. Rather than simply serving as a single step between moisturizer and concealer, Set The Stage has completely blurred the line between skincare and makeup. "I created this product because I felt like between my daytime serums, my moisturizer, my primer, then foundation, it was just too many layers sitting underneath my makeup interfering with the way it applied, blended, and lasted throughout the day," Lawless wrote in an Instagram post.

Lawless also mentioned that she cuts down on time by applying the primer right after toning, then jumps straight into her makeup routine. So, if you're similarly used to putting on upwards of four or five serums a day, this primer and serum hybrid, deemed clean by Sephora, features a handful of ingredients that not only moisturize and prep your skin, but can also substitute in for some of your daily products.

There are a few antioxidant-heavy components featured that allow for you to skip that vitamin C serum and oil. On the list is rosehip seed oil, which provides your skin blast of vitamins A and C, and sea buckthorn oil and lycopene, which offer protection against free radicals, extra vitamin E, and carotenoids. The product also has pentapeptide-59, which lessens redness and reduces skin sensitivity.

While the mix of ingredients is pretty unique for a primer, the consistency of the formula is interesting, too: It starts out as a gel, melts into an oil, and then turns back into a gel. To properly apply it, it's best to warm a small amount of it in the palms of your hands, then lightly pat around your face. Once applied, you'll be left with a velvety finish — the perfect middle ground between dewy and matte.

Check out the new Lawless Beauty primer, ahead.

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