7 Latinx-Owned Makeup Brands To Support This Month — & Every Month

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Sweet Street is one of many amazing Latinx-brands to add to your routine.
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In 2019, a Nielsen Report estimated that the buying power of the Latinx population in the United States will top $1.9 trillion by 2023. Despite that, Latinx communities are still often unrepresented and ignored in American industries. With Latinx Heritage Month running from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, now is as great a time as any to educate yourself, as well as familiarize yourself with Latinx-owned makeup brands to spend your money on starting now, and going forward.

Shopping from and supporting brands owned by people of color is important no matter the situation or state of the world — not only because it helps those communities in an economic way, but because it also promotes industries that are more inclusive as a whole. That's especially important in the beauty space, where there's historically been a lack of racial and cultural diversity in imagery, shade ranges, and types of products.

There are people in the Latinx communities who are working hard to change that. As another Nielsen Report from 2018 states, beauty is one area that Latinxs have a growing influence online. According to the report, influencers like Dulce Candy, a Mexican-born YouTube beauty guru with more than 2 million subscribers, are "taking social media by storm" while representing the voices of their Latinx communities on social media.

But there are ways for you to incite change and increase the representation of Latinx communities in the beauty industry as well — and that includes shopping from Latinx-owned makeup brands. Ahead, a few of The Zoe Report's favorites.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Latinx-Owned Makeup Brands: Vive Cosmetics

Both bright lipstick enthusiasts and those who have yet to be initiated will find joy in the highly pigmented shades from Vive, a makeup brand founded by Joanna Rosario-Rocha and Leslie Valdivia. The liquid matte and creamy matte formulas are so smooth you'll never want to take them off. It also helps that all of the brand's products are cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free.

Latinx-Owned Makeup Brands: Melt

Your eyeshadow needs are covered thanks to Melt Cosmetics' flawless selection of palettes — whether bright colors are your thing or you stick to a layer or two of subdued neutrals. But of course that's not all Melt excels at; one of its most unique products is its Blushlights, a dew-inducing compact that's a hybrid of blush and highlight. Which makes sense — the brand was founded in 2012 by Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar, who "identified that highly pigmented, ultra-matte, bold shades of lipstick were missing from the cosmetics world" and set out to fill the void.

Latinx-Owned Makeup Brands: Elaluz

A curated mix of makeup and skincare, Camila Coelho's new line, which launched this year, continues to release beautifully packaged products designed to get you your best complexion. The formulas use little-known, yet potent ingredients that hail from Brazil, and the products all abide by EU standards for cosmetics — which are far stricter than those in the United States.

Latinx-Owned Makeup Brands: Chaos Makeup

The name of this brand founded by Megan Martinez may hint at mayhem, yet the colors reflect anything but. The highlighters and eyeshadows lining Chaos Makeup's site are shimmering opalescent pans full of pastel colors. While you may already be loyal to a highlighter, you've never seen one that could do the illusionary magic these do, transforming from one whimsical color to another.

Latinx-Owned Makeup Brands: Sweet Street

Founded by Lala Romero and Natalia Durazo, Sweet Street has made a new name for lip liners and eyeliners. While your wings and cat-eyes may have seen better days by the time you go to wash off your makeup, the brand specifically states its "Wing Queen Liquid Eyeliner lasts until you say so." Its sleek liquid formula is water-, sweat-, and tear-proof.

Latinx-Owned Makeup Brands: Shaina B. Miami

Because founder Shaina Bassan couldn't find a brand that provided everything she wanted in terms of makeup, she decided to do it herself. The Miami-based line includes colorful eyeshadow, blush, and highlight palettes, plus useful tools, makeup bags, and lengthy lashes.

Latinx-Owned Makeup Brands: Alamar Cosmetics

Lip liner is the key to perfect lipstick, but it can also be the star of a liner-only show. Alamar Cosmetics — which was founded by Gabriela Trujillo in 2017, who named the brand after her birthplace, Alamar, in Cuba — has a lovely curated collection of makeup products that are worthy of being added to your cart (like its Spanglish Pressed Pigment Palette), but its lip pencil is a definite must.

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