The Pants You Keep Seeing On Instagram Had A Cameo In ‘A Star Is Born’


It wasn't meant to be a movie about fashion, but Lady Gaga's A Star Is Born outfits made style a focal point of the film. A Star Is Born marks Gaga's first lead role in a blockbuster film, and her character Ally's wardrobe is filled with inspiration-worthy pieces. Lucky for you, one of Ally's best outfits is available to shop right now — and there's a good chance you've already seen it on your Instagram feed.

Gaga was dressed in a pair of chain link trousers by Miaou: a line that has earned both street style and influencer credit in recent months. The upcoming brand's pants took center stage when Gaga's Ally sang with musician Jackson Maine (played by Bradley Cooper). Standing in front of a crowd, Ally sings "Shallow" (which Gaga co-wrote for the film) wearing a simple white t-shirt and the navy pinstripe pants.

The pants in question are Miaou's Tommy pant: a mid-rise, straight-leg style that comes complete with a chain link belt. The pants strike an ideal balance between elegance (navy and pinstripes) and edge (grommet and chain details). Gaga's pants are customizable, too. You can detach (or even swap out) the belt depending on your mood.

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The movie's costume designer Erin Benach told Fashionista that the team worked hard to eliminate Gaga's iconic (and very recognizable) style from Ally's. The crew turned to vintage shops around Los Angeles in hopes of securing the perfect pieces, snagging a floral Western top and a blue lace dress that viewers can't peel their eyes from.

Ally goes from the bar she's discovered in to Maine's country roots, evolving her fashion from city glamour to country rock throughout the storyline. Even though they didn't want Gaga to look like Gaga, the costume crew did manage to snag a few of the real singer's jeans and leather pants from her own wardrobe, Benach told Fashionista.

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Whether the Miaou pants were plucked from Gaga's closet or bought for the film, they were undeniably the perfect pick for Ally's impeccable style. Recently, Kaia Gerber wore the Tommy Pant with a white crop top and Kendall Jenner paired them with white leather boots. Bella Hadid spiced them up with studded boots and an edgy sleeveless denim jacket and Selena Gomez made them look effortlessly classy with a mustard turtleneck and black slip-on mules.

These days, the Tommy pant is everywhere you look (sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have sported them, too). They're the perfect match to your casual t-shirt or crop top and a classy pick for sleek turtlenecks and sweaters this fall. You can make them look even more sophisticated with a heeled patent boot like Kendall Jenner's or go more edgy with a pair of moto boots.

Ahead, shop the coolest Miaou pants handpicked by The Zoe Report (including Gaga's exact pair).

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